Certified Franchise Consultants (CFC)

30 04, 2024


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There are a lot of people who enter into the world of franchising questioning themselves as to if they can be successful. What they fail to realize is that strength doesn’t come from what you can do; it comes from overcoming things you thought you could not do. By Don Clayton


29 11, 2022

FranServe, Inc.: Changing the Franchise Landscape for Over 10 Years

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Since 2012, FranServe, Inc. has been making business ownership dreams come true through franchising. As the world’s largest franchise consulting and expansion organization, FranServe is committed to helping exceptional, Certified Franchise Consultants (CFC) change the lives of people through franchise ownership. By Brianna Bohn


31 08, 2022


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Often as certified franchise consultants (CFC) we hear words like glamorous or sexy in terms of the type of franchise one may want to own. Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur is something to be proud of! Unfortunately, the vast majority of everyday people only know of a handful of franchise options. By Don Clayton


1 06, 2022

It’s a Mindset

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Certified franchise consultants (CFC) are specifically trained in uncovering the mindset in people to determine the probability of success in franchising. Often, people have a pre-determined set of ideas or thoughts on specific franchise industries which may or may not be true. By  Don Clayton