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30 06, 2018

Bruster’s Celebrates National Ice Cream Month with Loyalty Club Giveaways

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PITTSBURGH – Bruster’s Real Ice Cream is making July’s National Ice Cream Month celebration even sweeter by giving away a $3 reward to use toward ice cream purchases at participating shops. Guests must join the new Sweet Rewards loyalty program by visiting or downloading the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Ice cream prices vary by location, but typically start at $2.99.

In addition to the initial $3 reward, members earn one point for every dollar spent. Every time members accumulate 50 points, they receive a $5 reward good toward Bruster’s treats at participating locations.

Bruster’s – beloved for its indulgent, handcrafted ice cream – also is celebrating National Ice Cream Month with two new limited-time, premium flavors: Espresso Yourself and Cookie Craze. Espresso Yourself, inspired by the cold brew coffee obsession, combines cold brew coffee ice cream with chocolate flakes and crunchy pie crust pieces for a smooth, sweet and crunchy frozen delight. Cookie lovers will crave the trio of treats in Cookie Craze, made with blue vanilla ice cream and loaded with chunks of OREO® cookies, crushed Bruster’s unique Dino sugar cookies and cookie dough pieces.

“Summer is family time, and these new flavors are designed to tempt both kids and adults,” said Jennifer Brinker, vice president of Marketing. “Espresso Yourself is perfect for grown-ups looking to cool down on a hot day, while kids will love the fun and colorful Cookie Craze.” They will be available until the end of July.

As with all Bruster’s Ice Creams, the new flavors are made fresh daily in each shop.

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream features 150 flavors of premium, handcrafted ice cream, yogurt, Italian ice and sorbet. Starting with a proprietary, home-style mix delivered fresh from its dairy, Bruster’s Certified Ice Cream Makers in each shop craft at least 24 flavors every day. There are nearly 200 independently owned locations in 20 states, Guyana and South Korea.

SOURCE Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

28 06, 2018

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® To Complete Over 6,000 Moves During its Busiest Move Weekend of the Year

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LANSING, MI – PRNewswire

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is gearing up for its busiest moving weekend of the year from Friday, June 29 to Sunday, July 1. The nation’s largest moving franchise, with 346 locations across America, will complete more than 6,000 moves that weekend alone.

The company estimates that its 2,900 trucks will drive 372,000 miles and use 62,000 gallons of fuel. Eight thousand movers and drivers will be walking (or running when not carrying items) 10,782 miles that weekend, carrying more than 37 million pounds of housewares. To put that into perspective, that poundage is the equivalent of 37,507 grand pianos, 10,195 cars, 2,652 Tyrannosaurus rex, 182 space shuttles, 161 blue whales, 33,418,620 soccer balls, 12.8 redwood trees, or 1.26 Brooklyn Bridges.

“The summer months are without a doubt, our busiest season. It provides a time for our franchise owners, movers and team members to come together as a system to focus on truly operating as a team and to work toward another successful year,” said TWO MEN AND A TRUCK CEO Jon Nobis. “Our movers and drivers will be completing 2.5 moves every minute, with an average of 22 moves taking place at each of our franchised locations throughout the three-day weekend. Not only will our teams be working at an unbelievable pace, but they will also continue to place a high priority on providing customers with excellent customer service.”

From franchisees and managers to the frontline team of movers drivers and customer service representatives, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s franchise system is committed to providing its premium moving services while never losing sight of taking care of its customers, as demonstrated through its current and consistent 96 percent referral rate

With more than 10,000 employees across the system, the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK corporate team will also be surprising employees throughout the country to recognize their hard work and dedication to the brand.

“We view jobs at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK not just as a short stint but as a path intended for building careers,” said Sara Bennett, chief talent officer. “With one-third of our franchisees having started as a mover or driver, we know that hard work and sweat equity can lead to the operation of successful franchise locations across the country. This goes for every level at our company, from movers and drivers to customer service representatives and managers. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK can be your forever company, not just a summer job, and we want to acknowledge our teams for their enthusiasm and commitment to Moving People Forward.”

To learn more about beginning a career with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, visit the Careers Site.


Headquartered in Michigan, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is the largest franchised moving company in North America. Currently there are more than 390 locations and 2,900 trucks operating in 43 U.S. states in addition to Canada. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK has performed more than 7 million moves since its inception in 1985. The company has seen consistent monthly growth dating back to December 2009 with more than 100 consecutive months of growth. In 2018, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked TWO MEN AND A TRUCK as one of the top 500 franchises in the U.S for the 24th consecutive year and ranked the company No. 1 in the moving/junk removal category for the third year in a row. In 2017, the company also made the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America for the fourth time. Each location is independently owned and operated.

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27 06, 2018

School Of Rock Takes The Stage By Storm At Summerfest

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School of Rock, the leader in performance-based music education, is coming to Summerfest this year to take its students center stage with live performances throughout the festival. More than 500 students from School of Rock locations across the world will arrive in Milwaukee to play in their own student-led bands across six different stages. Throughout the festival students will share the spotlight with some of the biggest names in music including mainstream and legendary rock acts, Imagine Dragons, Arcade Fire, Journey and more.

School of Rock provides students of all ages an exciting and engaging learning environment for taking guitar lessons, drum lessons, bass lessons, keyboard lessons, and singing lessons. Drawing from all styles of rock and roll, School of Rock students learn theory and techniques via songs from legendary artists such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Frank Zappa. Thanks to the school’s performance-based approach, students around the world have gained superior instrumental skills and confidence on the big stage, with some moving on to record deals and larger platforms such as American Idol, The Voice and Broadway.

“At School of Rock we know one of the best tools in music education is live performance,” says Rob Price CEO of School of Rock. “Summerfest is the perfect opportunity for these students to experience real stages that can inspire their performances and ignite their passion to pursue music for the rest of their lives. We’re proud to be apart of such an iconic music festival and rejoice in the experience of these student-led bands.”

For more information on School of Rock please visit

About The Little Gym

The Little Gym is an internationally recognized program that helps children build the developmental skills and confidence needed at each stage of childhood. The very first location was established in 1976 by Robin Wes, an innovative educator with a genuine love for children. The Little Gym International, Inc., headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., was formed in 1992 to franchise The Little Gym concept. Today, The Little Gym International has 400 locations in 32 countries. For more information, visit The Little Gym at

27 06, 2018

The Little Gym International Celebrates 400th Location

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The Little Gym International, the world’s premier children’s enrichment and development franchise that offers movement-based learning and imaginative play for children ages four months through 12 years, announces the opening of its milestone 400th location today in Waco, Texas. Since opening the first The Little Gym in 1976, the children’s franchise continues to deliver on its promise of Serious Fun and serving as a springboard to life’s adventures.

“It’s incredibly fulfilling to see families benefit from our programs while our franchisees achieve their dreams,” said Alex Bingham, President and CEO of The Little Gym International. “In the 26 years since The Little Gym began franchising, we have experienced plenty of joys and challenges that come with building an iconic brand. With the opening of our 400th location, we feel exceptionally rewarded and humbled that our concept is embraced the world over.”

An innovative educator, musician and kinesiologist, The Little Gym Founder Robin Wes envisioned a nurturing place where children could explore their physical development while also growing socially, emotionally and intellectually. He opened the first The Little Gym in 1976 in Bellevue, Washington, and infused those early classes with the same positive, noncompetitive spirit that characterizes The Little Gym today.

The company began franchising in 1992 and today embraces a philosophy of “Three-Dimensional Learning”:

  • Get Moving!, which builds flexibility and strength and lays the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy activity
  • Brain Boost!, which fosters listening skills, sustained concentration and decision-making to stretch the mind and develop a love of learning
  • Citizen Kid, which promotes sharing, teamwork, listening and leadership – all valuable tools to help kids grow into well-adjusted, well-rounded citizens of the world

“Over the years, The Little Gym program has evolved as a result of a desire to continually improve the quality and value for parents and children,” said Bingham. “While the core purpose and foundation of the program has remained the same, we consistently push ourselves to enhance the program through smart, calculated adjustments to meet kids’ developmental milestones as well as parents’ wants and needs.”

Today, The Little Gym International operates in 400 locations in 32 countries, including the U.S., Canada, China, the United Kingdom, Australia and more. For more information on The Little Gym, please visit

About The Little Gym

The Little Gym is an internationally recognized program that helps children build the developmental skills and confidence needed at each stage of childhood. The very first location was established in 1976 by Robin Wes, an innovative educator with a genuine love for children. The Little Gym International, Inc., headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., was formed in 1992 to franchise The Little Gym concept. Today, The Little Gym International has 400 locations in 32 countries. For more information, visit The Little Gym at

27 06, 2018

Merry Maids Shares Ways to Relax and Make Coming Home from Summer Travel #StressFree

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From beach trips and BBQs to hanging out by the pool, summer is the best time of year to unwind, whether you’re staying at home, enjoying a quick weekend away, or an honest-to-goodness vacation. Merry Maids, one of the nation’s largest home cleaning services and a ServiceMaster (NYSE: SERV) company, wants to make sure that if you’re lucky enough to get away for a bit, the walk through your front door upon return is as relaxing as possible.

“Coming home can be stressful when the reality of work, busy schedules and household chores are waiting for you,” said Debra Johnson, Merry Maids home cleaning expert. “The good news is there are some simple things you can do to avoid unnecessary stress when you return.”

Here are five tips from Johnson that can make coming home a little easier, and help you enjoy your vacation vibes as long as possible:

  1. Tidy up before you leave. To avoid coming home to chores, do a little light cleaning before you leave. Coming home is easier when you know the trash has been emptied, beds have been made and clutter has been put away.
  2. Get ahead on laundry. Nothing wipes out a relaxed vacation mindset faster than unpacking a suitcase full of dirty laundry only to find that the clothes hamper is already overflowing. Take some of the pressure off by doing a few loads of laundry before you leave. You’ll rest easy when you get home, knowing that everyone already has clean clothes to wear in the days that follow.
  3. Hire a cleaning service. According to a recent Merry Maids survey, two-thirds (68 percent) of adults say having a clean home alleviates stress. Take your vacation relaxation to the next level by having the trusted pros from your local Merry Maids work their magic while you’re away. Once you experience how refreshing it is to come back to a professionally cleaned home, you’ll want to do it every time you travel. Splurging for extras like a laundry room, refrigerator or oven cleaning can add to the peace of mind you feel when you’re on vacation.
  4. Sort, don’t stack. It’s easy to set your vacation mail on the counter and plan to come back to it later, but the clutter just creates unnecessary stress. Take five minutes to sort it as soon as you get home. Toss the junk mail in the trash, pull out any pieces that require immediate attention and file the rest for later.
  5. Now you’re (not) cooking. Order takeout or a delivery service before you leave the airport or when you’re about 30 minutes from home. With the convenience and added bonus of little to no mess in your kitchen, you’ve practically added another night onto your vacation. Not going out of town? This can also be a great way to jump-start any summer weekend.

About Merry Maids

Merry Maids is the largest home cleaning franchise network in the United States. Merry Maids provides services in 48 states and the District of Columbia. The company also provides home cleaning services in Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom and has licensing arrangements whereby licensees provide these services in Hong Kong, Japan, South America, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Australia. Through its company-owned and franchise locations, Merry Maids employs more than 8,000 home cleaning professionals who service homes on four continents, including more than 200,000 homes in North America every month. Merry Maids is a business unit of Memphis-based ServiceMaster Global Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SERV), a leading provider of essential residential and commercial services. Go to for more information about Merry Maids or follow us at and Merry Maids is the Official Home Cleaning Provider of Minor League Baseball™.

27 06, 2018

Wing Zone® Offers Free Wings for a Year for Perfect Picks in 2018 FIFA World Cup Bracket Challenge

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The FIFA World Cup is underway and already providing soccer fans with thrilling action and memorable moments. Now, Flavorholics following the games have a chance to win big with a promotion being offered by Wing Zone in which they could win free wings every week for a year if they pick a perfect bracket in the knockout round of 16. The company will launch their FIFA World Cup Bracket Challenge Contest on June 30 in conjunction with the start of the 16 team knockout stage.

“The World Cup brings together fans from all across the globe and our wings are a perfect companion to share with friends, family or by yourself as you watch all of the action,” said Matt Friedman, co – founder and CEO of Wing Zone. “We want to add even more fun to the mix by giving our fans the chance to pick their favorites to advance and ultimately win the Cup, and then have the opportunity to win some great prizes for themselves if they choose correctly, including free wings every week for an entire year.”

Also, during the entire World Cup, Wing Zone fans can receive ten percent off all online orders by using the coupon code “FIFA2018” to redeem during checkout.

Prizes for the FIFA World Cup Brackett Challenge Contest include:

  • Perfect Bracket (All Correct Picks) – One free order of six boneless wings per week for 52 weeks
  • First Place – Apple Watch and $100 Wing Zone Gift Certificate
  • Second Place – $50 Wing Zone Gift Certificate and WZ Swag Bag (includes gym bag and t – shirt)
  • Third Place – $25 Wing Zone Gift Certificate and WZ Swag Bag (includes gym bag and t – shirt)

The website for the Bracket Challenge is The registration window and entries will open starting Thursday, June 28 once the round of 16 teams is set and will close on Saturday, June 30 at 2 p.m. EST.

Scoring is as follows:

  • Round of Sixteen – Correct picks receive 1 point(s) multiplied by the seed number
  • Quarter – Finals – Correct picks receive 2 point(s) multiplied by the seed number
  • Semi – Final – Correct picks receive 3 point(s) multiplied by the seed number
  • Final – Correct picks receive 4 point(s) multiplied by the seed number

To find the closest Wing Zone, visit More information can be found by visiting Wing Zone on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Wing Zone

Wing Zone was founded in 1991 at the University of Florida by Matt Friedman and Adam Scott, who dubbed themselves Flavorholics because of their love of great wings and amazing flavors. The Wing Zone franchise was born in their fraternity house kitchen, and the concept quickly flourished through delivery to their fellow college students. After opening several more Wing Zone locations in college markets across the country, Scott and Friedman began offering franchises in 2000. Wing Zone now has nearly 100 locations open across the U.S. and a strong international presence, including Panama, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Malabo, Singapore and Guatemala. For more information about Wing Zone visit

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SOURCE Wing Zone

27 06, 2018

Jon Smith Subs® Celebrates Independence Day With ‘Sparkling’ Offer

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WEST PALM BEACH, FL  – 24-7PressRelease 

As people gather to celebrate Independence Day with family and friends, the party doesn’t stop once the firecrackers and sparklers fizzle out. Jon Smith Subs® is offering its customers celebrating freedom in the land of the free with a special July 4 promotion. Any customer purchasing one full-size sub can exercise his or her independence by redeeming a coupon for a free six-inch sub on a return visit.

Robert Frost wrote: “Freedom lies in being bold.” By using fresh ingredients to make its high-quality overstuffed, marinated grilled sirloin steak and real chicken breast subs, Jon Smith Subs is very bold in flavor and is a fan favorite – especially on July 4 when consumers can buy one and get one free.

The brand is a member of United Franchise Group, and has experienced dramatic growth throughout the country with 22 locations in six states. In addition to its popular marinated sirloin steak and marinated grilled chicken subs, the popular fast-casual chain also offers tasty roast beef subs and giant deli subs, using the freshest meats, cheeses and vegetables. Its menu also contains healthy salads, side options, and a combo meal for the kids, with turkey, ham, meatball, cheeseburger, or grilled cheese options. At Jon Smith Subs, the price is right, the taste is bold, and on July 4 its buy one, get one free.

For more information about Jon Smith Subs, visit

About Jon Smith Subs

The first Jon Smith sub shop opened in 1988 in Palm Beach County, FL with a commitment to serving the absolute highest-quality overstuffed, marinated grilled sirloin steak and real chicken breast subs. Jon Smith Subs has locations in South and Central Florida as well as Ohio, Nevada, Texas, California, and Australia. Jon Smith Subs specializes in freshness, preparing all the ingredients for every sub on-site daily. Its sirloin steak and chicken breast subs are trimmed, sliced, seasoned, marinated, and grilled to order, various catering options are available, and its Plenti-Full Sub platters come as individually wrapped four-inch and six-inch subs.

About United Franchise Group

Led by CEO Ray Titus, United Franchise Group is home to a variety of internationally recognized brands including Signarama, Fully Promoted, Experimac, Jon Smith Subs, Venture X, SuperGreen Solutions, Transworld Business Advisors, and The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill. With over three decades in the franchising industry and more than 1600 franchisees throughout the world, United Franchise Group offers unprecedented leadership and solid business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Contact:Peyton Sadler
Ink Link Marketing
Miami Lakes, FL
United States
Voice: 305-631-2283

SOURCE Jon Smith Subs

27 06, 2018

Smoothie King Inks 60-unit Expansion Deal

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DALLAS – Smoothie King, the leading smoothie company with nearly 1,000 locations worldwide, continues its record-setting growth with a new franchise partner that will introduce the brand to cities in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and central Florida.

John Clancy and his team at Smoothie King Midwest have signed an agreement to develop 60 locations, starting in Indianapolis and Palm Beach County, Florida. Clancy, a longtime Planet Fitness franchisee with a strong background in real estate and finance, has an aggressive growth plan for the brand.

“This is the right time to invest in brands that cater to healthy living, and Smoothie King stands out in that space,” said Clancy. “Wan Kim’s leadership and commitment to the company vision, combined with its superior products, finely tuned franchise organization and strong financials make this a great opportunity for our team. At the same time, it gives us the opportunity to inspire thousands of customers to achieve their health goals.”

Clancy and his team currently own 27 Planet Fitness gyms in Ohio and Florida. They opened three Smoothie King locations with partner Bob Viani in Connecticut, New York and Florida in the past year under a separate development agreement.

“As our brand continues to grow, its vision and strength are attracting highly successful, multi-unit operators like John and his team,” said Smoothie King CEO Wan Kim. “The deep experience in the wellness space and their ability to facilitate growth allows us to help even more guests in new communities live healthy, active lifestyles.”

Already the fastest-growing chain in its category, Smoothie King expects to open 150 new locations in 2018, the most it has ever opened in the U.S. in a single year. Clancy and his team plan to open the first Indianapolis location this year.

About Smoothie King Franchises, Inc.

Smoothie King Franchises, Inc., the original U.S. smoothie franchise, is a privately held, Dallas-area-based franchise company with nearly 1,000 units worldwide. It was founded in 1973 by Steve Kuhnau, whose mission was to help others achieve better health in a tasty way, and today, it continues its “Smoothies With A Purpose” mission through its Cleaner Blending initiative that focuses on better ingredients, including more whole fruits and vegetables. The franchise is currently ranked No. 1 by Entrepreneur magazine in the juice bar category for the 25th year and No. 35 overall on the 2017 Franchise 500 list, and also offers retail products that include sports beverages, energy bars, vitamins, supplements and more. Visit, on Facebook at and Instagram at

22 06, 2018

Liberty Tax Ready to Assist Taxpayers With Postcard Tax Return and All Other Returns

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Virginia Beach, VA – Liberty Tax, Inc. (NASDAQ: TAX) – The postcard-sized Form 1040 tax return looks to be a reality for the 2019 tax filing season, and Liberty Tax, a leading tax preparation franchise, stands ready to help taxpayers understand the new form and navigate the complexities of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Liberty Tax offices will provide educational opportunities for taxpayers to learn more about the law and will continue to provide the advice and information that taxpayers have come to value.

“For more than 20 years, we have helped taxpayers file their taxes and gain a better understanding of the U.S. tax system,” said Liberty Tax CEO Nicole Ossenfort. “Next tax season will be no different. We will continue to offer a friendly smile and the professional tax assistance that millions know and trust from Liberty Tax locations across the country.”

A recent IRS survey showed that taxpayers identify paid tax professionals as a valuable source of advice and information. Only the IRS ranked higher than paid tax professionals on the survey. Liberty Tax values the public trust and works to provide knowledge to taxpayers.

Liberty Tax realizes that postcard-sized tax return, which Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said will be released next week, is one of many changes that will face taxpayers. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the biggest shift in the tax code in more than 30 years. To help taxpayers better understand the new law and how it will affect their bottom line, Liberty Tax will host Tax Talks at locations across the U.S. The Tax Talks are free, information-packed sessions led by tax professionals. They feature PowerPoint presentations and question-and-answer periods. Taxpayers can call 1-866-871-1040 or visit to find a location near them.

About Liberty Tax, Inc.

Founded in 1997, Liberty Tax, Inc. (NASDAQ: TAX) is the parent company of Liberty Tax Service. During tax season 2017, Liberty Tax prepared over two million individual income tax returns in more than 4,000 US/Canadian offices and online. Liberty Tax’s online services are available through eSmart Tax, Liberty Online and DIY Tax. Liberty Tax also supports local communities with fundraising endeavors and contributes as a national sponsor to many charitable causes. For a more in-depth look, visit Liberty Tax Service and interact with Liberty Tax on Twitter and Facebook.

Media Contact:Richard Krueger
Media Strategist
TallGrass Public Relations
M: 908-420-0512
22 06, 2018

Tint World® Announces Growth Plans, Unveils Updated Franchise Opportunity Website

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Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers™, a leading auto accessory and window tinting franchise, announced the company’s updated franchise opportunity website, which outlines the growing opportunities in the automotive styling industry and what sets apart Tint World® from other franchises, not only in the automotive space but across all franchise markets.

“Updating the franchise opportunity side of our web presence has been a huge passion project for me,” said Charles J. Bonfiglio, CEO of Tint World®. “There are so many opportunities in the automotive styling industry, and since we’re the fastest-growing independent automotive franchise, I felt it was important to help convey the advantages that entrepreneurs, regardless of background, have by joining the Tint World® family.”

The new Tint World® franchise site offers a variety of information about the automotive aftermarket industry, as well as crucial information about Tint World®, from virtual tours of local stores, company videos and an outline of the company’s aggressive, strategy-driven online marketing; to an overview of Tint World®’s Single Sign-On Franchise System, which provides each franchisee with a simple and intuitive modular cloud-based platform to manage their entire franchise business.

“We’ve set a goal of having 300 stores by 2025,” Bonfiglio said. “This summer alone we’re looking at nine new store openings, eight of which are stateside with the last being in Dubai. We’re looking to make headway overseas in the coming months with more international franchise opportunities. We’re also looking to expand even further in the U.S. into areas like Colorado, Virginia, Connecticut, and South Carolina, and to boost our presence in states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and California.”

The new site also outlines Tint World®’s 6-step process to ownership, as well as the variety of franchise programs that include single-store franchise, multi-store franchise, and international master-franchise opportunities, along with conversion store programs and co-brand store programs, which offer discounted franchise fees.

“Ultimately, the goal is to make the process of discovering and deciding on a Tint World® franchise as streamlined and informative as possible,” Bonfiglio said. “As a former franchisee in the automotive services world, I have a unique understanding of what entrepreneurs are looking for – and what they need – to succeed. Above all, we’re looking forward to finding people from all walks of life who see the benefit, excitement and the potential of opening up their own Tint World® store.”

Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers™ offer sales and installation of auto accessories, mobile electronics, audio video equipment, security systems, custom wheels and tire packages, window tinting, vehicle wraps, paint protection films, detailing services, nano ceramic coatings, maintenance and repair services, and more. Tint World® is also the leading provider of residential, commercial and marine computerized window tinting and security film services with locations throughout the U.S. and abroad, with franchise opportunities available worldwide.

About Tint World®

Founded in 1982, Tint World® has grown to become an award-winning franchised provider of automotive styling, residential, commercial and marine window tinting and security film services. With Automotive Styling Centers™ in the U.S. and abroad, each franchise location houses approximately 20 profit centers, ranging from in-store accessory installations to off-site sales and installation of residential, commercial and marine window tinting and security films. To find out more, please visit