Sharkey’s Cuts For Kids To Donate Kids Salon to At-Risk Children in Hadera, Israel

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A new and innovative Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids Therapeutic Kids Salon will be launched in 2018, in the Talpiot Children Village, situated in Hadera, Israel, and will serve the 200 children and youth at-risk residing there, and their families.

Talpiot is a non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce the number of at-risk children and youth in the region of Hadera and prevent risk situations in the family. Talpiot provides a comprehensive spectrum of community-oriented programs for the at-risk children and youth population and their families living in the region.

Thanks to the generosity and commitment of Scott Sharkey, this Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids salon will offer a fun-oriented, therapeutic experience for the children and for their families, in line with Talpiot’s unique child and family focused model for elimination and prevention of at-risk situations. It will serve as a unique and creative tool to strengthen the bond between at-risk children and their parents, to empower the entire at-risk family and thus contribute to the success of Talpiot’s mission to rehabilitate such families and return the children home.

The Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids Therapeutic Kids Salon will offer special activity programs for parents and children; recreational and creative art programs for the children; birthday parties; and joint activities with the community.

The Talpiot Village is situated in a quiet and pleasant residential neighborhood and includes: a full residential facility of ten foster family units (120 children); and an after school day care facility of six groups (90 children); a therapy center; arts and music center; adventurous outdoor park; zoo and animal petting; sports facilities ; and a community synagogue.

The children referred to the Village receive a warm, supportive and protective embrace, which entails a variety of specifically individualized therapies i.e.: individual and group therapy; music, drama, movement, art, animal petting, and photography therapies. They participate in specially structured activities with their parents, which aim to improve communication and empower the relationship between them.

They also enjoy recreational and enrichment activities in the afternoons i.e. scholastic reinforcement and homework assistance; excellence promoting activities; music education, choir, dancing, various sports, art, photography and drama.

The Village is the core project in the organization’s regional continuum of services for at-risk children and families. This continuum consists of some 16 different community services in the region, all based on the Talpiot family-focused care model, which impact some 1,000 children and families.

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