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1 11, 2021

Huntington Learning Center: Created to Scale Learning Hurdles

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I often take a beat in Q4 as the year is wrapping up to spend some time being mindful and reflecting on the success and challenges our organization has encountered throughout the year. What were we aiming for, and how did we meet or miss our goals? Why are we choosing our current path to success? By Anne Huntington Sharma


30 09, 2021

Huntington Learning Center: Want to Be Your Own Boss?

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It’s no secret that women make great business leaders. And while the number of women in leadership positions is on the rise, the truth is there’s still work to be done in many industries for women to get ahead. Franchising, however, is one area where women can shift that balance. By Anne Huntington Sharma


31 08, 2021

Huntington Learning Center: The Demand for Learning Support has Never Been Greater

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According to a nationwide survey of parents conducted by Huntington Learning Center, the number one stressor for families this academic year is the potential for learning loss due to changing school formats. By Anne Huntington Sharma


2 09, 2020

Meeting the Increased Needs for Education

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With school schedules and formats in flux, there has been an increased interest in tutoring services due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to meet the increased demand, Huntington Learning Center has expanded its hours of operation and offerings to support students and families across the country. By Anne Huntington