Home Based Franchise Group

27 02, 2023

Home Based Franchise Group: Masters of Low-cost Niche Franchises

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Leo Goldberger and Curt Swanson are known for being trailblazers in the franchising industry, a title earned from learning to develop and grow their niche businesses. After co-founding The Patch Boys, a drywall repair company, in 2015, the duo bumped into FranServe CEO and President Alesia Visconti at a FranServe convention. By Brianna Bohn


31 01, 2023

Clozetivity: Positivity Leads to Franchise Success

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As his name suggests, almost everything Leo Goldberger touches turns to, you guessed it, gold. Goldberger’s first foray into franchising began with The Patch Boys, a drywall patching service that he grew to 100-plus locations in under five years and sold to the BELFOR Franchising Group in 2020. By Lizzy Yeserski