30 07, 2023

Clozetivity: Customizing Your Dreams Without Breaking the Bank

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With a Clozetivity franchise, you can tap into the thriving $11 billion custom closet industry without a hefty investment. This turnkey business model is designed for long-term expansion and can be launched at a surprisingly low cost. By Lizzy Yeserski


26 06, 2023

Clozetivity: Quality Over Quantity

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Within 18 months of opening, Clozetivity has established itself as a strong emerging franchise with 50 locations in the U.S. Even though the company has seen significant growth since launching, Co-founder and CEO Leo Goldberger remains focused on providing adequate support for franchisees. By Kelsi Trinidad


30 05, 2023

Clozetivity: Custom Solutions

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Overstuffed, cluttered and disorganized storage spaces in homes across the country are leading a boom in spending on custom closets. Over 41% of America’s women say they can’t find an item in their closets at least once a month, and one in nine is late to work because they can’t find what to wear, according to Clozetivity, the franchise experts in custom closets. By Kelsi Trinidad


27 02, 2023

Clozetivity: Shelving the Corporate World to Customize Your Dreams

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According to Forbes magazine, adding any storage, from a simple kitchen pantry to a magnificently appointed bedroom closet, can increase the value of a home. It’s a fact that Leo Goldberger and Curt Swanson leveraged to launch Clozetivity, the A-to-Z storage solution company. By Lizzy Yeserski


31 01, 2023

Clozetivity: Positivity Leads to Franchise Success

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As his name suggests, almost everything Leo Goldberger touches turns to, you guessed it, gold. Goldberger’s first foray into franchising began with The Patch Boys, a drywall patching service that he grew to 100-plus locations in under five years and sold to the BELFOR Franchising Group in 2020. By Lizzy Yeserski