360˚ Painting

2 09, 2020

Virtual Estimates and Contactless Services Help in Thriving During Quarantine

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As COVID-19 spread, shutting down workplaces and forcing the population into quarantine, 360˚ Painting was forced to adapt. Faced with the prospect of pausing business or adjusting its protocols, the essential home services corporation opted for the latter, offering additional training and protective equipment to their employees. By Jessica Jones


7 07, 2020

A 180˚ Career Change was the Right Choice

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Jim Norconk spent most of his career in the field of substance-abuse treatment. Launching his profession as a clinical technician before earning his master’s degree and advancing to therapist, the North Carolina resident most recently moved into the operations side of the business, building and maintaining treatment facilities for the better part of a decade. But Norconk became maxed out. By Jessica Jones


31 05, 2020

Achieving Financial and Personal Rewards

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Before launching their 360˚ Painting franchise last summer, Mack and Sharon Strange were unsure if their post-retirement collaboration was a good idea. Mack, a former minister, and Sharon, a former teacher, had differing managerial styles. But after almost one full year in business, their Nashville-based company is booming. By Jessica Jones