31 01, 2023

TheOfficeSquad: A One-stop Shop

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After starting a bookkeeping firm from her Nevada home in 2001, Dida Clifton soon realized her clients needed much more than bookkeeping support, and TheOfficeSquad was born. Clifton, CEO and founder of the B2B business, describes it as something of “a virtual office on steroids.” By Cindy Charette


29 11, 2022

TheOfficeSquad: Providing a Future for Veterans

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When TheOfficeSquad Founder Dida Clifton transitioned out of her time in the military into civilian life, she struggled to find a new career that suited her. “I exited the service and became a military spouse,” recalled Clifton. “So I went from active duty to nothing.” That is often the case when veterans try to readjust after many years of demanding military service. By Kelsi Trinidad


30 09, 2022

TheOfficeSquad: A Franchise That Takes You Under Its Wing

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After years of working in operations in the U.S. Air Force, Dida Clifton was armed with the know-how to run an office correctly, especially when the stakes are high. She used that knowledge to build TheOfficeSquad, a company with the mission of bringing the bookkeeping and administrative support that large corporations have in-house to small businesses. By Kelsi Trinidad


31 07, 2022

TheOfficeSquad: Running Your New Business on Autopilot

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For U.S. Air Force veteran and military spouse Dida Clifton, the skills she gained in the military and her aptitude for running a trustworthy and efficient office are one and the same. For six years, Clifton worked behind a desk answering phones, scheduling training hours and getting her squadron’s F-15 pilots out the door on time. By Kelsi Trinidad