Mosquito Mary’s

29 11, 2022

Mosquito Mary’s: Caring for the Community

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Founded in 2018, Mosquito Mary’s began franchising in 2021 and has had a steady growth pattern, with 52 franchises currently operating. The brand’s concentrated blend of essential oils and plant extracts is designed to kill bugs on contact and repel future insects, allowing customers to enjoy the outdoors again. By Nancy E. Williams


29 10, 2022

Mosquito Mary’s: Control Your Own Schedule and Success

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Since being founded in 2019, Mosquito Mary’s has become a leader in mosquito and pest control on the East Coast. But for franchisees, most of the brand’s popularity comes from the independence and flexible lifestyle it offers compared to being confined to the set schedule of a corporate job. By Kelsi Trinidad


30 07, 2022

Mosquito Mary’s: An Affordable Opportunity With Limitless Potential

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Mosquito Mary’s is a mosquito-, tick- and flea-control business that puts its clients’ families, their pets and the environment first. The franchise’s signature blend of essential oils and plant extracts is designed to eliminate bugs on contact and repel them where they breed. By Kelsi Trinidad


30 06, 2022

Mosquito Mary’s: A Safer Way to Enjoy the Outdoors

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After years of settling for low-quality, ineffective mosquito sprays for his lawn, Nick Spencer, Mosquito Mary’s founder and CEO, decided to find a better solution. Spencer wanted to create a spray that was not only effective but also safe for families and pets to use all summer long without worrying about hazardous chemicals. By Kelsi Trinidad


31 01, 2022

Mosquito Mary’s: Bringing Safe Pest Control Options To Your Neighborhood

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After experiencing years of poor service and having low-quality mosquito products administered throughout his yard, Nick Spencer knew he needed to make a change in the pest-control industry.. By Brianna Bohn