Island Fin Poké

30 08, 2023

Island Fin Poké: The Island Way

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Island Fin Poké Co. is leading the way with its implementation of a new high-tech training platform for franchisees and staff. “We’re converting all of our training to e-learning and virtual reality,” announced President and CEO Mark Setterington. “This is a game changer.” By Cindy Charette


30 07, 2023

Island Fin Poké: Celebrating Innovation, Family and Future Growth

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Since 2016, Island Fin Poké Co. has built its reputation for serving incredible Hawaiian-style poké with fresh, sustainably sourced ingredients. The franchise’s casual, beachy décor, delicious homemade sauces and numerous toppings create the perfect island-style dining experience. By Kelsi Trinidad


30 05, 2023

Island Fin Poké: Shaking Up the Industry

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Island Fin Poké Co., a fast-casual restaurant known for its flavorful Hawaiian-style poké bowls and superior guest experience, is poised for explosive growth over the next year. Founded in 2017 and franchised in 2018, the Florida-based brand currently has 28 locations open, with another seven opening this year and 63 sold, including a recent three-unit deal in Sacramento, California. By Brianna Bohn


28 03, 2023

Island Fin Poké: Revolutionizing Poké

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Mark Setterington was a lifetime restaurant guy. He’d earned his stripes working every job possible in the industry and had settled in Las Vegas for over 10 years, running 10 restaurants between Las Vegas and Southern California, when his longtime friend, Paul, called to tell him that he was leaving his job of 20 years. Paul wanted to collaborate on a new restaurant concept, and from their partnership, Island Fin Poké was born in 2016. By Kelsi Trinidad


29 10, 2022

Island Fin Poké: Spreading Aloha Across the U.S.

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Impressed by the family culture ingrained in Island Fin Poké, Matthew Gustafson and his business partner opened their Spring, Texas, location in January 2021. While the co-owners have business backgrounds from their previous corporate lives, and Gustafson grew up in the restaurant industry, they both found the fast-casual concept refreshing and unique. By Brianna Bohn


30 08, 2022

Island Fin Poké: Making Waves With Record-setting Expansion

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Riding on its wave of incredible growth, Island Fin Poké is accelerating its national expansion, recently entering four new markets with 24 locations open, 57 sold and many others in development. Island Fin Poké is a Florida-based fast-casual concept known for its Hawaiian-style build-your-own poké bowls. Provided by InnoVision Marketing Group


31 05, 2022

Island Fin Poké: New Location, Same Quality

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Island Fin Poké uses sustainably sourced, seasonal ingredients to create the freshest and most flavorful island-style poké bowls around, without a grill, grease trap, or fryer. Customers love the healthy, customizable concept with homemade sauces and a choice of 25 toppings. By Nancy E. Williams