Grasons Champions Diversity with Over Half of Franchisees from Minority Groups

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LOS ANGELES — The franchising sector is seeing a significant rise in minority ownership. Recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau underscores this trend, revealing that 30.8% of franchises are minority-owned, a figure that stands in contrast to the 18.8% of non-franchised businesses. Grasons, a standout in the estate sale and business liquidation franchise realm, is leading by example, proudly announcing that a significant 59% of its franchisees hail from minority backgrounds.

Simone KellyBrand President of Grasons, reflects on the philosophy of the brand. “Guiding the Grasons franchise, I never saw the need to differentiate based on identity. My diverse background taught me the importance of seeing beyond the surface. For me, what mattered most was recognizing franchisees for their character and potential contribution to our Grasons family,” she says.

Diversity isn’t just a statistic at Grasons; it’s an embodiment of their core values. Kelly continues, “Our franchisee community, with its wide spectrum of backgrounds, not only enriches our brand but also fortifies the supportive environment we’ve cultivated. The genuine camaraderie among our franchisees, regardless of their origins, truly sets Grasons apart.”

Echoing Kelly’s sentiments, Martha Garcia, one of Grasons’ esteemed minority franchisees, passionately shares, “My association with Grasons has been transformative. Every day, I witness the company’s unwavering dedication to diversity, evident in every sale, every conversation, and every initiative.”

Adding to this, another proud franchisee, Vincent Stirone, conveys, “Grasons isn’t merely a business prospect; it’s a close-knit community where every member, regardless of their heritage, is held in high regard and cherished. I am immensely proud and grateful to be a part of such an embracing family.”

Reinforcing its commitment to championing diversity, Grasons offers a diversity discount for aspiring franchisees, a testament to its dedication to fostering inclusive growth.

Grasons, a member of the Evive Brands portfolio, provides unparalleled support and services to families and communities nationwide. The company extends an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to steer their careers, achieve financial independence, and make a positive societal impact. Grasons empowers franchisees to help clients navigate the difficult task of downsizing possessions during life’s significant transitions.

The company extends various discounts, inviting qualified individuals to be a part of this growing family. To explore Grasons’ franchise opportunities, visit

About Grasons

Grasons Co. began in Orange County, CA, and quickly grew across the United States as the most recognized brand for estate sale business franchises and professional business liquidations. Grasons is now part of the Evive Brands family, with private equity backing by The Riverside Company. The independently owned and operated locations all have one vision, one method, and one goal, and that is to provide you with exceptional service. Grasons Co. is the #1 rated and referred estate sale company because of its long-term experience, proven techniques, and selling items at the highest price.