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10 06, 2024

Grasons’ National Conference Honors Top Performing Franchisees, Cross-Brand Collaboration

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DALLAS — Grasons, a leading estate sale and business liquidation service and member of the Evive Brands family, held its 2024 National Conference from June 4 – 7 at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Themed “Lone Star Summit; Aligning Stars For Ultimate Success,” this annual event not only celebrated top-performing franchisees, but also introduced cross-branding collaboration with fellow Evive Brands members, Assisted Living Locators and Executive Home Care.

The event featured insightful panel discussions, presentations from industry leaders, and networking opportunities. Steve Gutzler, an expert in emotional intelligence and leadership, delivered the keynote address, sharing his insights into personal and professional development.

A central highlight was the Evive Brands Cross-Brand Meet & Greet, designed to forge personal connections among franchisees, particularly those in overlapping territories, enhancing their business potential. The conference also featured a community service initiative with Dallas-based non-profit Pajamas for Seniors, where franchisees assembled hundreds of pajama boxes for underprivileged seniors, underscoring Grasons’ commitment to community support and care during significant life transitions.

The conference celebrated outstanding franchisees, including:

Top 3 Highest Sales:

Grasons Elite North & South Orange County

Grasons Southern Arizona

Grasons Estate Specialists

Diamond Club Award ($1 Million Plus): Grasons Southern Arizona

Platinum Club Award ($700,000 – $999,999): Grasons City of Angels

Gold Club Awards ($500,000 – $699,999): Grasons North OC, Grasons Elite South OC, Grasons South Riverside, Grasons Estate Specialists ($300,000 – $499,999): Grasons Beach Cities, Grasons Integrity, Grasons Contra Costa County, Grasons Coachella Valley, Grasons Pomona Valley

The conference also spotlighted new talent with Grasons Coachella Valley receiving the Rising Star Award and Grasons Southwest Denver named Rookie of the Year.

Dave Dembinski, Grasons Vice President of Operations, remarked, “Seeing our franchisees come together as a family to support each other and our seniors is so rewarding. Their passion not only drives our brand forward but also strengthens the entire community we serve.”

Ryan Parsons, CEO of Evive Brands, added, “Witnessing our franchisees collaborate and support one another is so inspiring. They exemplify true leadership and community care, embodying the spirit of Grasons and Evive Brands.”

Grasons continues to set industry standards in estate sale services, providing expert guidance and support to clients navigating estate liquidation. For information about Grasons franchise opportunities, visit:

About Grasons

Grasons is a nationally recognized estate sale and business liquidation franchise and a proud member of Evive Brands, providing nationwide compassionate care for health and home. Grasons is committed to providing a respectful and efficient service, helping clients during transitional phases of life.

22 05, 2024

Grasons Celebrates the Legacy of Loved Ones with Estate Sales This Memorial Day

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — As Memorial Day approaches, Grasons, a leader in the estate sale industry, is dedicated to helping families honor and preserve the memories of their loved ones. The company recognizes the importance of this holiday as a time to reflect on the past and celebrate the lives of those who have passed.

Estate sales offer a unique opportunity to cherish and pass on the belongings of loved ones, ensuring that their legacy lives on. Grasons is committed to providing a respectful and compassionate service, understanding the emotional significance of these items to families.

“Memorial Day is a time of remembrance, and we are honored to assist families in celebrating the lives of their loved ones through estate sales,” said Dave Dembinski, Vice President of Operations at Grasons. “Our goal is to ensure that each item finds a new home where it can continue to be appreciated and cherished.”

As families gather to commemorate Memorial Day, Grasons encourages them to consider the role of estate sales in preserving the history and memories of their loved ones.

Grasons specializes in professionally conducted estate sales, handling everything from antiques and collectibles to everyday household items. The company’s expertise ensures that each sale is conducted with the utmost care and respect for the family’s wishes and the memories attached to their belongings.

In addition to facilitating estate sales, Grasons is actively involved in the community, working with various organizations to ensure that unsold items are donated to those in need. This approach not only benefits the environment by reducing waste but also supports local charities and non-profit organizations.

Grasons understands that each estate sale is more than just a transaction; it’s a celebration of a life well-lived and a legacy that continues. The company takes pride in its ability to connect buyers with items that hold historical and sentimental value, creating new memories while honoring old ones.

For more information about Grasons services, or to schedule a consultation, visit

About Grasons

Grasons is a nationally recognized estate sale and business liquidation franchise and a proud member of Evive Brands, providing nationwide compassionate care for health and home. Grasons is committed to providing a respectful and efficient service, helping clients during transitional phases of life.

23 04, 2024

Grasons Encourages Eco-Friendly Living through Estate Sales This Earth Day

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — In celebration of Earth Day, Grasons is highlighting the significant environmental benefits of purchasing items from estate sales. As a leader in the estate sale industry, Grasons is committed to promoting sustainable living and reducing waste through the promotion of a circular economy.

Recent industry statistics reveal a growing trend towards sustainability and eco-conscious purchasing. Grasons is at the forefront of this movement, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to buying new by providing a wide range of pre-owned items through their estate sales.

Dave Dembinski, Vice President of Operations at Grasons, emphasizes the environmental impact of choosing estate sales. “Estate sales are not just about finding unique items; they’re about making a conscious decision to reduce waste and support a sustainable lifestyle. Every item purchased is one less in a landfill, contributing to a healthier planet.”

“Our liquidation sales regularly sell about 90% of the contents in every home,” explained Dembinski. “What little is left over is usually donated and the only trash produced from an entire estate sometimes will fill a single trash can.”

Grasons’ estate sales feature a variety of items, from furniture and home decor to clothing and collectibles, all of which can be given a second life in new homes. This approach not only preserves the history and character of these items but also aligns with the principles of the circular economy, where resources are reused and recycled for as long as possible.

In addition to environmental benefits, Grasons’ estate sales offer economic advantages for both buyers and sellers. Buyers can find high-quality items at a fraction of the cost of new, while sellers can ensure their belongings find a new home rather than being discarded.

This Earth Day, Grasons invites everyone to consider the positive impact of choosing estate sales for their shopping needs. By opting for pre-owned items, consumers can play a part in reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable future.

For more information about Grasons services, or to schedule a consultation, visit

About Grasons

Grasons is a nationally recognized estate sale and business liquidation franchise and a proud member of Evive Brands, providing nationwide compassionate care for health and home. Grasons is committed to providing a respectful and efficient service, helping clients during transitional phases of life.

14 02, 2024

Grasons Encourages Entrepreneurs to Love What They Do with Franchise Opportunities

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — This February, Grasons, a leading estate sale and business liquidation franchise, is focusing on the personal fulfillment and passion that comes with owning a Grasons franchise. The company celebrates the success stories of its franchisees who have found both passion and purpose in their work, aligning their careers with their personal values and interests.

Recent industry statistics indicate a growing trend towards entrepreneurship as individuals seek not just profit, but personal satisfaction and meaningful work. Grasons stands out in this landscape by offering a business model that combines the potential for success with the opportunity to provide valuable services to the community.

Dave Dembinski, Vice President of Operations at Grasons, emphasizes the rewarding nature of the work. “Our franchisees don’t just build businesses; they build legacies. They join us because they love what they do, and they stay because they see the impact of their work on their communities and their own lives,” says Dembinski.

Vincent Stirone, owner of Grasons North & South Orange County, CA, shares his experience: “Joining Grasons was a turning point for me. Every estate sale is a new journey, and the satisfaction of helping families during those times is beyond measure. I love what I do, and I feel that every day.”

Rhonda Williams, who operates Grasons Palos Verdes, Carson & Del Reys, CA, echoes this sentiment: “Being a part of Grasons has given me a community and a purpose. There’s a real sense of fulfillment in preserving legacies and making the estate sale process a positive one for our clients.”

Grasons provides comprehensive training and support to its franchisees, ensuring that they are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed. The company prides itself on the sense of community and shared purpose among its franchisees, with many reporting that their work has brought them a deeper sense of satisfaction and joy.

This February, Grasons is inviting entrepreneurs to explore how owning a franchise can be more than a career move—it can be a life choice that aligns with their deepest values and passions. For more information about Grasons franchise opportunity, visit

About Grasons

Grasons is a nationally recognized estate sale and business liquidation franchise and a proud member of Evive Brands, providing nationwide compassionate care for health and home. Grasons is committed to helping entrepreneurs find success and personal fulfillment through business ownership.

8 02, 2024

Grasons Highlights the Role of Estate Sales in Preserving Family Legacies This Valentine’s Day

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — As Valentine’s Day approaches, Grasons, emphasizes the importance of estate sales in preserving and passing on family legacies and treasures. This season, Grasons is showcasing a collection of unique and romantic items, offering a meaningful way to celebrate love and remembrance.

Recent industry statistics show a significant uptick in interest in unique and sentimental items, particularly around holidays like Valentine’s Day. Grasons, a leader in the estate sale industry, is at the forefront of this trend, offering an avenue for families to connect with history and legacy through cherished items.

Dave Dembinski, Vice President of Operations at Grasons, explains the emotional value behind these sales. “Estate sales are more than transactions; they are about honoring memories and the continuation of stories. During this time of love and reflection, we see an increased interest in items that carry sentimental value – a testament to the enduring power of legacy and affection.”

Grasons specializes in professionally conducted estate sales, handling everything from antiques and collectibles to everyday household items. With a focus on integrity, professionalism, and empathy, Grasons provides a service that respects the emotional significance of parting with cherished belongings.

This February, Grasons invites individuals to explore estate sales as a way to find unique gifts that carry a story, or as an opportunity to pass on their own legacies to loved ones. The items featured range from vintage jewelry and love letters to timeless furniture pieces, each with its own history and emotional value.

“Each item at our estate sales has a story, waiting to be continued in a new home,” adds Dembinski. “We’re proud to facilitate these connections, especially during a season that celebrates love and legacy. As part of Evive Brands, we’re dedicated to providing services that touch the heart and home with compassion across the nation.”

For more information about Grasons services, or to schedule a consultation, visit

About Grasons

Grasons is a nationally recognized estate sale and business liquidation franchise and a proud member of Evive Brands, providing nationwide compassionate care for health and home. Grasons is committed to providing a respectful and efficient service, helping clients during transitional phases of life.

4 12, 2023

Grasons Leads Estate Sale Industry as a Top 100 Game Changer in 2023

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Grasons, a trailblazer in the estate sale franchise sector, has been named one of Franchise Dictionary Magazine’s Top 100 Game Changers for 2023. The annual list recognizes proven franchises that focus on impacting veterans, filling a niche in the market, millennials’ choice, making an impact, serving the community, and creating opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Franchise Dictionary’s Dec. issue cites Grasons has distinguished itself as a leader by offering transparent and professional estate sale and business liquidation services. The company’s unwavering commitment to integrity and customer satisfaction has set new benchmarks in the market. By employing innovative technologies and strategies, Grasons empowers its franchisees, transforming estate sales into opportunities for community connection and trust-building.

“This recognition as a Top 100 Game Changer is a testament to our holistic approach in the estate sale industry. Our commitment to integrity, customer satisfaction, and innovation has been pivotal in establishing our reputation as an industry leader,” remarks Dave Dembinski, Vice President of Operations for Grasons.

Alesia Visconti, CEO of Franchise Dictionary Magazine / FranServe, states, “2023 was a year of explosive growth and success for the franchise model. A brand that earns the Top 100 Game Changers designation has gone the extra mile to improve people’s lives and sets itself apart! We are thrilled to recognize and showcase these 100+ FRAN-TASTIC brands that went above and beyond. Here’s to #ChangingLives and congrats to this year’s Game Changers!”

You can find the special Game Changer section here:

About Grasons

Grasons is a part of the respected Evive Brands family and a nationally recognized leader in estate sale and business liquidation services. With a strong focus on compassionate and professional care, Grasons has been assisting families for more than a decade, offering expertise in estate sales, downsizing, and helping families transition into new living situations. For more information about Grasons, visit

27 11, 2023

Grasons Encourages Unique Holiday Gift Hunting at Local Estate Sales

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HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — As the holiday season approaches, the quest for extraordinary gifts begins. Grasons, renowned nationwide for its estate sale expertise, invites holiday shoppers to dive into the diverse offerings of local estate sales.

Dave Dembinski, Grasons Vice President of Operations, speaks on the distinct nature of these sales. “An estate sale is a glimpse into someone’s journey, rich with items that carry history, elegance, and a unique tale. Such gifts are bound to make a lasting impression during the festive season.”

“This holiday season, rather than opting for the usual gifts, I encourage everyone to explore the world of estate sales. It’s a chance to gift our loved ones with truly unique and memorable treasures,” added Dembinski.

Estate sales, for those new to the concept, are organized events to sell the possessions of an individual, often due to downsizing, relocating, or following a passing. These sales are a haven for antiques, collectibles, and distinctive finds.

Tips for Unearthing Top Estate Sales:

Classified Ads: Typically published on Thursdays, local newspapers’ classified sections are great sources for weekend estate sale announcements.

Look Online: Websites like often list upcoming sales.

Street Signs: Keep your eyes peeled for signs in your neighborhood or on local roads pointing to estate sales.

Community Bulletin Boards: These can be goldmines for flyers announcing local events, including estate sales.

Email Updates: By providing your email address to companies like Grasons, you can stay updated with notifications about upcoming sales.

For seasoned estate sale shoppers considering hosting their own sale, Grasons offers comprehensive services, from inventory management to pricing and cleanup. Visit their website for further insights on estate sales and to locate a nearby Grasons franchise.

“This holiday season, rather than opting for the usual gifts, I encourage everyone to explore the world of estate sales. It’s a chance to gift our loved ones with truly unique and memorable treasures,” added Kelly.

About Grasons

Part of the Evive Brands family, Grasons delivers unparalleled estate sales and business liquidation services nationwide. Built on empathy, integrity, and financial wisdom, Grasons is dedicated to empowering families during transitions, ensuring estate sales are both valuable and legacy-honoring. For more information on Grasons estate sales across the U.S., visit:

21 11, 2023

Grasons Unveils Bold Brand Refresh and Launches New Franchise Development Website Amidst Record Growth

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HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Grasons, a premier estate sales and business liquidation service and an Evive Brands company, today announced a significant brand refresh and the launch of a new franchise development website, marking a major step in its nationwide expansion and growth strategy.

The brand refresh, emphasizing Grasons’ commitment to professionalism, empathy, and innovation, is showcased through an updated logo, enhanced franchisee marketing and support materials, along with a modernized website. This transformation reflects the company’s values and mission more accurately.

Tim Hadley, CEO of Evive Brands, elaborated on the brand refresh, stating, “Grasons is reaching new horizons, and this brand refresh is a visual testament to our commitment to being a trusted, empathic partner to our clients.” The redesigned logo, named the ‘Grasons Empathy Symbol,’ combines vivid typography with a circular design, symbolizing safety, security, and interconnectedness – core aspects of Grasons’ character.

Coinciding with this refresh is the launch of Grasons’ new franchise development website. This platform provides comprehensive information about the brand, its services, business model, and the detailed process of becoming a Grasons franchisee. The website aims to streamline the franchise acquisition process and attract potential franchise owners.

Hadley remarked, “Our brand’s evolution and the new website launch symbolize our steadfast commitment to exceeding expectations in the estate sales industry.” He emphasized that innovations in Grasons’ marketing strategies and operational approaches are solidifying its reputation as a reliable partner, ensuring positive experiences in every sale.

The company has experienced record growth, adding more than 10 new franchises across the United States, including in key areas like Scottsdale, AZDenver, CO, and New York City. This expansion aligns with the company’s mission to assist an increasing number of baby boomers navigating significant life transitions.

Hadley concludes, “This refresh, coupled with our new website, reinforces our dedication to reliability and integrity. Our confidence projects peace of mind to our customers, allowing them to experience the empathetic service that is Grasons’ hallmark.”

About Grasons

Established in 2011, Grasons has become a pivotal player in the residential and business liquidation sector, expanding nationwide to meet the escalating demand for senior services. As a member of the Evive Brands family, Grasons continues its unwavering support and service to families and communities nationwide.

14 11, 2023

Grasons of Midtown Manhattan Announces Monumental Sale of 1.5 Million+ Sports Card Collection December 1 – 3, 2023

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NEW YORK, NY — Grasons of Midtown Manhattan, a member of the nation’s leading estate sales and business liquidation company, is thrilled to announce a once-in-a-lifetime estate sale event featuring an extensive collection of more than 1.5 million sports cards, including the coveted 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan Rookie Card in near-mint condition.

Event Details:

Dates & Times (US/Eastern):

Fri, Dec 1, 20239:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Sat, Dec 2, 20239:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Sun, Dec 3, 20239:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Location: Huntington, NY 11743

(Full address will be available on Thu, Nov 30 at 5:00 AM)

Sale Info Link:

This unprecedented collection primarily includes baseball cards, many dating back to pre-1980, but also features hockey, football, basketball, golf, and non-sports cards, ranging from Marvel to Disney. Collectors and enthusiasts will also find a treasure trove of sports memorabilia, vintage comic books, and much more.

Cynthia Park, the owner of the Midtown Manhattan franchise, stated, “This estate sale is not just an event; it’s an opportunity for collectors and fans alike to own a piece of sports history. We can’t wait to open the doors to this incredible collection.”

Presale inquiries and arrangements can be made by contacting

About Grasons of Midtown Manhattan

Grasons of Midtown Manhattan is part of a nationally recognized estate sale and business liquidation company, known for its expertise and commitment to integrity, honesty, and empathy. The company’s service is executed with professionalism and care, ensuring satisfaction for both buyers and clients.

For more information, please visit Grasons of Midtown Manhattan, or connect with us on Facebook @midtownmanhattannny and Instagram @grasonsmidmanhattan.

11 10, 2023

Grasons Champions Diversity with Over Half of Franchisees from Minority Groups

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LOS ANGELES — The franchising sector is seeing a significant rise in minority ownership. Recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau underscores this trend, revealing that 30.8% of franchises are minority-owned, a figure that stands in contrast to the 18.8% of non-franchised businesses. Grasons, a standout in the estate sale and business liquidation franchise realm, is leading by example, proudly announcing that a significant 59% of its franchisees hail from minority backgrounds.

Simone KellyBrand President of Grasons, reflects on the philosophy of the brand. “Guiding the Grasons franchise, I never saw the need to differentiate based on identity. My diverse background taught me the importance of seeing beyond the surface. For me, what mattered most was recognizing franchisees for their character and potential contribution to our Grasons family,” she says.

Diversity isn’t just a statistic at Grasons; it’s an embodiment of their core values. Kelly continues, “Our franchisee community, with its wide spectrum of backgrounds, not only enriches our brand but also fortifies the supportive environment we’ve cultivated. The genuine camaraderie among our franchisees, regardless of their origins, truly sets Grasons apart.”

Echoing Kelly’s sentiments, Martha Garcia, one of Grasons’ esteemed minority franchisees, passionately shares, “My association with Grasons has been transformative. Every day, I witness the company’s unwavering dedication to diversity, evident in every sale, every conversation, and every initiative.”

Adding to this, another proud franchisee, Vincent Stirone, conveys, “Grasons isn’t merely a business prospect; it’s a close-knit community where every member, regardless of their heritage, is held in high regard and cherished. I am immensely proud and grateful to be a part of such an embracing family.”

Reinforcing its commitment to championing diversity, Grasons offers a diversity discount for aspiring franchisees, a testament to its dedication to fostering inclusive growth.

Grasons, a member of the Evive Brands portfolio, provides unparalleled support and services to families and communities nationwide. The company extends an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to steer their careers, achieve financial independence, and make a positive societal impact. Grasons empowers franchisees to help clients navigate the difficult task of downsizing possessions during life’s significant transitions.

The company extends various discounts, inviting qualified individuals to be a part of this growing family. To explore Grasons’ franchise opportunities, visit

About Grasons

Grasons Co. began in Orange County, CA, and quickly grew across the United States as the most recognized brand for estate sale business franchises and professional business liquidations. Grasons is now part of the Evive Brands family, with private equity backing by The Riverside Company. The independently owned and operated locations all have one vision, one method, and one goal, and that is to provide you with exceptional service. Grasons Co. is the #1 rated and referred estate sale company because of its long-term experience, proven techniques, and selling items at the highest price.