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1 01, 2021

Year-round Success: Why Medi-Weightloss has Staying Power

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Ringing in 2021 means millions of Americans are making their annual New Years’ resolutions – especially to lose weight. Unfortunately, many will embark on their weight loss journey alone, and without guidance, will break those promises before this month is even over. By Rochelle Miller


30 09, 2020

Rising to the Challenge

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Though COVID-19 rocked all businesses, their response to those challenges will be the key to their future. For Medi-Weightloss, a significant player in the weight-loss industry with locations nationwide, the future is bright because of its swift and effective response to adversities presented by the pandemic. By Rochelle Miller


7 07, 2020

Franchise Success Measured In Pounds

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Being overweight doesn’t only mean not looking svelte in last year’s swimsuit or not fitting into your favorite pair of jeans. It also can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or stroke. With more than 42% of Americans classified as obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the demand for healthy weight-loss programs is increasing. By Rochelle Miller