Global Financial Training Program

31 01, 2023

Global Financial Training Program: A Lucrative Business That Can be Run Anywhere

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It is rare to find a profitable business model that allows you to run your business how and where you would like. Students of Global Financial Training Program learn the ins and outs of the commercial loan business and can do just that upon completion of the course. By Kelsi Trinidad


29 04, 2022

Global Financial Training Program: An Easy Transition Into Commercial Finance

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Over the years, Phil Dushey, CEO and president of the Global Financial Training Program, has trained many military veterans to be successful financial brokers in the world of commercial finance. By Elice Morgenson


31 01, 2022

Global Financial Training Program: A Financial Career That Offers Loan Support to Businesses and Unlimited Lifestyle Flexibility

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A career as a financial broker offers many advantages for entrepreneurs looking to open a profitable business while maintaining complete lifestyle flexibility. Global Financial Training Program provides the training and support to embark on a career as a financial broker in the commercial-lending industry, and the brand shares direct access to over 50 lenders. By Elice Morgenson


30 11, 2021

Global Financial Training Program: Financing Businesses After the Pandemic

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As consumers feel more comfortable venturing out again, the need for goods and services has skyrocketed. Additionally, many people who were previously laid off have taken the plunge to become entrepreneurs, and business start-ups have seen a massive upswing in numbers. By Elice Morgenson


1 11, 2021

Global Financial Training Program: Endless Possibilities With Financial Lending

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Entrepreneurs often enter into a business venture after meeting with a qualified consultant to help direct them to a business that fits their needs. Andy Halliburton, chief relationship officer at Canlas Capital, a national network of financial lenders, found his career path after years of helping others find theirs. By Elice Morgenson


30 09, 2021

Global Financial Training Program: From Student to Finance Business Owner

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Spencer Sessions graduated from Utah State University with a master’s degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering. After graduating, he went on to work for the government in Idaho Falls, Idaho for several years. By Cindy Charette


31 03, 2021

Global Financial Training Program: Rebounding Economy Enables Participants to Earn a Six-figure Income

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After a year of financial uncertainty and the collapse of many small businesses throughout the country, experts finally have some optimistic news to report: An economic rebound is imminent. By Jessica Jones