Eat The Frog Fitness Go’in Big in Texas

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FORT WORTH, Texas — The franchise Eat The Frog Fitness is opening new locations across Texas and the rest of the United States, making it one of the fastest-growing fitness franchise brands in the United States. “With explosive growth (1,150%) in just three years, we’ve rapidly become one of the leading franchise opportunities in the fitness industry,” says CEO and Co-Founder, Joe Culver.

Currently, Eat The Frog Fitness has 30 locations open including 6 in pre-sale with an additional 40+ in development.. This is driving expansion in markets like California, Kansas, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Illinois, and more. The brand is also breaking into entirely new markets in Iowa, New Jersey, and Texas, with plans to launch several corporate studios in the Texas market over the next two years. Five new franchisee groups have also joined the brand in the past quarter.

NBA player and Eat The Frog investor Anthony Tolliver said, “the aggressive expansion of Eat The Frog Fitness into Texas is a great step for the brand. I am personally excited to have several new studios opening throughout my home state.”

Eat The Frog Fitness has a proven franchise-based business model that benefits franchisees and members. Eat The Frog features:

  • Workouts in an immersive studio experience
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Live and virtual training
  • A 24/7 business model that minimizes the need for staffing while maximizing membership potential
  • 16, 20, and 24 station models – offering flexibility to enter any market

About Eat The Frog Fitness

Eat The Frog Fitness ( is about doing the work and not procrastinating. Co-Founded by Olympic Gold Medalist Bryan Clay, Eat The Frog is one of the fastest-growing boutique fitness franchise companies. Backed by elite athletic insights – Eat The Frog Fitness has developed a unique hyper-personalized approach to fitness that combines the best of personal training, group fitness, FitTech, and community to help members achieve real results. Eat The Frog disrupts the fitness industry completely. You get the motivation of a group and the results of personal training with an individual training plan, custom heart rate algorithm, one-on-one coach support, and a truly immersive workout experience. So even though fitness is hard, with Eat The Frog, you’ll feel like you have an entire team of professionals at your back. For more franchising information, visit Media inquiries can be directed to