Eight Turn Crêpe

30 10, 2022

Eight Reasons to Love Eight Turn Crêpe

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Eight Turn Crêpe, the festive crêperie concept, offers custom-made Japanese street food that’s visually stunning and impossibly delicious. The paper-thin, gluten-free crêpes are served up savory and sweet, and they feature fresh ingredients rolled into cones for on-the-go enjoyment. By Lizzy Yeserski


30 09, 2022

Eight Turn Crêpe: Convenience and Satisfaction

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When people think of quick-service restaurants, they often envision fried, greasy foods with ingredients that include processed chemicals. Eight Turn Crêpe, however, has revolutionized fast-casual dining with its healthy, unique food options and multiple dining experiences. By Brianna Bohn


30 08, 2022

Eight Turn Crêpe: A Sweet Offering With Multiple Revenue Streams

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Since 2013, Eight Turn Crêpe has delivered consistency, freshness and a combination of flavors and unique crêpe recipes that are unmatched. Marleen Zhik, president of franchising, spoke about the sweet offerings available to franchisees who want to invest in the popular eatery with a simple business model. By Brianna Bohn


30 03, 2022

Eight Turn Crêpe: Infinitely Delicious

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The inspiration for Eight Turn Crêpe stems from the fun and popular street food in Harajuku, Japan. Unlike the traditional French crêpe, these delicious crêpes are naturally gluten-free, made with rice flour and served as a cone, making it an ideal, mess-free meal on the go. By Heidi Lubrani