Tutor Doctor Acquires Code Wiz, Expands Educational Reach in the Growing Coding Sector

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Leading Tutoring Franchise to Propel Emerging Franchisor’s Nationwide Development.

TORONTO Tutor Doctor, the leader in one-to-one private tutoring, is proud to announce they have acquired Massachusetts-based Code Wiz, an award-winning company that teaches students how to code. Through this alliance, Code Wiz will enjoy accelerated growth by utilizing the growth strategy and support structure that has propelled Tutor Doctor into becoming one of the nation’s leading tutoring franchises. Clear Summit Group, the parent company of Tutor Doctor, also brings over 25 years’ experience in helping brands scale – supporting Tutor Doctor in its expansion to 700-plus territories spanning 15 countries.

With a natural alignment in mission and values, the Tutor Doctor – Code Wiz partnership will allow both companies to take quantum leaps forward in achieving brand goals and reaching more students.

Founded in 2017, Code Wiz follows a customized student-driven style for teaching computer coding and robotics, combining top-tier technology with students’ individual creativity. The afterschool STEM program caters to children ages 7-17, helping them unlock their inner genius by learning to express their creativity through coding. Ruth Agbaji is the CEO, Founder, and Nerd-In-Chief who knows first-hand the power of learning to code. Born in Nigeria, Agbaji hacked her way into the world of computer science by teaching herself to code. After receiving her Masters in Computer Science from Tufts University, she worked as a software engineer for tech giants like Microsoft and Kronos before her entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. It was her desire to impact kids’ lives by sparking their interest in STEM that led Agbaji to quit her day job and launch the Code Wiz franchise system.

“With Tutor Doctor’s extensive experience in educational franchise management, Code Wiz will be able to plug-in to a proven business model and established structure that will propel the brand further into the world of franchising,” said Agbaji. “This partnership just made sense—Code Wiz’s goal is to support the next generation of geniuses, raising them up to be the next [Steve] Jobs. It’s not impossible in today’s society with all of the resources available. Tutor Doctor will be the fuel that helps Code Wiz launch to new heights.”

With five open locations and three in development, Code Wiz has established a reputation as the premier learn-to-code children’s education franchise, creating a center where an interactive and project-driven approach to technology inspires kids to unleash their imagination and reach their full-potential.

“When we heard about Ruth’s incredible story, saw what she had created in Code Wiz, and understood her passion in creating a purpose-driven business, our intentions became very clear,” said Frank Milner, President of Tutor Doctor. “This acquisition provides us the opportunity to add rocket fuel to our mission of changing the trajectory of students’ lives by bringing more diverse education to students around the world. There is a huge opportunity to fill a niche in the rapidly growing segment of the supplemental education market – and we’ve found an absolute perfect match with Ruth and the Code Wiz team.”

Tutor Doctor is an internationally renowned franchise with franchisees that have backgrounds spanning from education to business and more. In the past year, the franchise has welcomed 46 new franchisees, and awarded more than 70 new units, bringing the brand footprint to over 700 units across 15 countries – most recently opening its first territory in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This growth is expected to continue as the brand looks to sign 80 units in 2021.

For more information on Tutor Doctor and its franchise opportunity, visit www.tutordoctor.com or www.tutordoctoropportunity.com.

For more information on Code Wiz and its franchise opportunity, visit www.thecodewiz.com or www.codewizfranchise.com.

About Code Wiz
Code Wiz is a children’s enrichment educational service franchise that teaches computer coding and robotics with a Montessori-style approach to learning. Based in Massachusetts, the emerging franchise has five locations open and three more East Coast locations in development. Founder and CEO Ruth Agbaji was named the 2020 Woman Small Business Owner of the Year in Massachusetts by The Small Business Administration (SBA) and has a Masters in Computer Science from Tufts University, with past software engineering experience at Microsoft. Founded with a student-driven mindset, Code Wiz uses cutting edge technology, including AI, AR and VR, transforming the learning experience with a customized kid-friendly curriculum that can be tailored to appeal to every learning style. The award-winning STEM afterschool learning center is designed to inspire the next generation of coding wizards and is seeking franchisees to expand its nationwide footprint. For more information about Cod Wiz and its franchise opportunity, please visit https://codewizfranchise.com/.

About Tutor Doctor

With more than 700 territories in 15 countries, Tutor Doctor was named the No. 1 In-Home Tutoring Franchise by Entrepreneur.com in 2016. Founded as an alternative to the “one-to-many” teaching model most extra-curricular learning centers offer, Tutor Doctor provides a personalized one-to-one, in-home and online tutoring service to students of all ages. Now with offices internationally, the Tutor Doctor vision is becoming a reality, positively impacting students and their families worldwide. With the belief that all students can achieve academic success through two components – academic foundation building and academic discipline – Tutor Doctor will continue to lead the private tutoring industry. For more information on Tutor Doctor, please visit www.tutordoctor.com. To find out about franchise opportunities, please visit, www.tutordoctoropportunity.com.