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20 07, 2021

Premium Service Brands Partners With VIRTI and MURSION To Create VR-Powered Owner Experience Learning Program

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Following a recent private equity investment, the multi-brand home services franchisor is leveraging new virtual reality and role playing platforms to teach incoming franchisees leadership and higher-order decision making skills.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Premium Service Brands, the parent company of home-service franchises 360º Painting, Maid Right, ProLift Garage Doors, Renew Crew, Kitchen Wise, Handyman Pro and Rubbish Works, has announced the roll out of its new Owner Experience Program, a tech-powered learning experience designed to immerse its incoming franchisees in the day-to-day life of their new business.

The Owner Experience Program is a culmination of Premium Service Brand’s in-depth research analyzing the actions and best practices of owners with exceptional launch results, to see what separated them from the pack. The company discovered that practice, communication skills and mindset played a significant role in positioning owners for successful launches and set out to revitalize the established Premium Service Brands onboarding program in an attempt to make the experience more impactful with the help of innovative technology and the new Owner Experience Center.

Most notably, Premium Service Brands partnered with two companies — Mursion and VIRTI — to give owners a platform to practice estimates, sales calls, hiring and recruiting in a virtual reality and role playing setting.

Mursion is an immersive VR platform focused on improving emotional intelligence in the workplace. Mursion uses a combination of A.I. and live human interaction to create a safe environment for practicing skills like  emotional intelligence, adaptability and resilience. The aim is to create an authentic but risk-free simulation without harming an individual’s performance or a company’s reputation.

VIRTI is a U.K.-based startup that uses immersive AR/VR scenarios to teach hands-on skills in realistic settings. Premium Service Brands is VIRTI’s first home services industry partner and will be pioneering a new market for the startup.

In order to emphasize the experiential aspect of the onboarding process, Premium Service Brands also plans to unveil a newly designed learning and development center. The center’s layout will be arranged in pods instead of an instructor-led classroom to ensure all parties are able to work together collaboratively.

“The Owner Experience Program is all about having the opportunity to practice the skills critical for owner success and getting real-time feedback,” said Deb Jewell, vice president of learning for Premium Service Brands. “We want to show our franchisees how to leverage their own strengths and experience to be a more effective leader and decision-maker. By helping owners build a mental map on how all the aspects of our model fit together, we are confident they will leave the Owner Experience Program with a stronger and more holistic understanding of what it takes to run their business on a day-to-day level.”

Premium Service Brands is rolling out its Owner Experience Program on the heels of a recent private equity investment by Susquehanna Private Capital. SPC invested in the multi-brand franchisor to help the company strengthen its presence in the rapidly growing home services industry and to make advancements to its business model.

“We have been aggressively growing all of our PSB concepts over the past few years, and this investment will allow us to build out our infrastructure and business model so we are better positioned to support new owners at the rate at which they want to join,” said CEO Paul Flick. “The Owner Experience Program is one of the many new improvements we are making to our system to help us recruit, develop and support the very best franchisees for each of our brands.”


Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA, Premium Service Brands (PSB) is the leader in home services franchise opportunities. Recently acquiring Renew Crew in January 2020 and Rubbish Works in November 2020, the other brands under the PSB umbrella include 360º Painting, ProLift Garage Doors, Handyman Pro, Maid Right, Rubbish Works and Kitchen Wise. These home improvement industry brands provide franchisees with comprehensive training and support for every step while viewing customer service as a way of life by also giving back to local communities through their nonprofit, Kids-Lift. Supporting kids and their families is crucial to PSB’s personal values to brighten and care for their communities. More on franchising opportunities at: https://www.premiumservicebrands.com/.

17 03, 2021

Premium Service Brands Launches HomeOne, Gives Consumer One-Stop Source for Home Services Needs

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Premium Service Brands, the parent company of home-service franchises 360º Painting, Maid Right, ProLift Garage Doors, Renew Crew, Kitchen Wise, Handyman Pro and the recently acquired Rubbish Works, is continuing to deliver on its mission to offer a one-stop-shop for all homeowners’ needs.

The franchisor recently launched the Own the Home Program, which offers prospective franchisees an incentive to sign with multiple Premium Service Brands concepts and dominate their local market through multi-brand ownership. This month, Premium Service Brands is building on that strategy with the launch of HomeOne, an innovative lead portal that allows franchisees to leverage the company’s multi-brand roster and strategically target consumers across several different concepts.

For consumers, HomeOne takes out the frustration in finding trustworthy home services. HomeOne is a one-stop shop that allows homeowners and small business owners to take care of all their home improvement needs, from the leaky pipe project in the bathroom to the commercial exterior painting needs for businesses, without wasting time and stress finding and vetting separate contractors and businesses. HomeOne allows homeowners to tap into the trusted network of Premium Service Brands and guarantees them the same professional work and customer service no matter what service they need.

HomeOne will play a key role in Premium Service Brands’ growth strategy — every brand acquisition the company has made in recent years was strategically designed to complement the existing multi-brand roster and serve the same target customer demographic in the home services industry.

As more people stay at home and prioritize renovation projects due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that home services industry is more in-demand than ever. According to a report completed by Home Advisor, home services represent a $506 billion-dollar market in the United States. Fueled by the momentum of this growing demand, PSB sold 75 territories across North America in 2020, and the system’s year-over-year sales were up 35%.

Moving forward, the combination of the Own the Home Program and HomeOne will allow franchise owners to build and leverage relationships within a single market and ensure that customers’ ongoing home-services needs are always met.

For more information about HomeOne, visit Home.One.

About Premium Service Brands

Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA, Premium Service Brands (PSB) is the leader in home services franchise opportunities. More on franchising opportunities at: https://www.premiumservicebrands.com/.

6 11, 2020

Junk Removal Franchise Rubbish Works Is the Newest Addition To Premium Service Brands’ Thriving Portfolio

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Multi-brand franchisor Premium Service Brands has added yet another high-value franchise to its thriving network of service brands. Junk-removal and dumpster rental brand Rubbish Works will join a roster of integrated service franchises that includes kitchen-remodeling brand Kitchen Wise, painting brand 360° Painting, cleaning brand Maid Right, outdoor surface cleaning brand Renew Crew, home-repair brand Handyman Pro and garage-door services brand ProLift Garage Doors.

Rubbish Works provides junk removal and dumpster rental for both homes and businesses, including offices, retail locations, construction sites and more. According to Premium Service Brands VP of Marketing Samantha Lin, the brand is the perfect complement to Premium Service Brands’ existing portfolio of franchises and will help connect customer bases and increase referrals between brands.

“Premium Service Brands is always looking to grow in a way that will both leverage and elevate our existing brands, and that’s exactly what Rubbish Works does,” said Lin. “Most service jobs are going to create waste, and now we have Rubbish Works to step in and get that job done when it’s needed.”

That means Rubbish Works franchisees have a built-in network of potential customers and referrals. The brand will also benefit from Premium Service Brands’ commitment to top-tier customer service, something Lin said was a focus for the waste-removal brand.

“We are always looking closely for brands that align with our mission to provide best-in-class customer service,” Lin said. “When we looked into Rubbish Works and saw that they shared that philosophy, we knew this was going to be a great pairing.”

In January, Premium Service Brands acquired Renew Crew, a brand well-known for its customer-first philosophy and top-rated outdoor cleaning services. After just a few months under the Premium Service Brands umbrella, Renew Crew owners have posted strong numbers such as Jerry Lesh who saw his revenue grow by 30%.

“As Rubbish Works is integrated into the proven Premium Service Brands process, we’re confident the brand will grow with the kind of success that we have achieved with other recently acquired brands,” said Lin. “We look forward to applying our best practices for operations, training, technology and marketing support to Rubbish Works, and growing the brand on a national scale.”

About Premium Service Brands

Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA, Premium Service Brands (PSB) is the leader in home services franchise opportunities. More on franchising opportunities at  https://www.premiumservicebrands.com/

31 07, 2020

Premium Service Brands Franchise Sales Increase as Company Embraces Virtual Training

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Franchise sales rise 19% through innovative digital connections.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Leading home services franchisor, Premium Service Brands (PSB), increased their franchise sales 19% in the first half of the year. Their success came from a quick pivot to online platforms, robust online training, and a renewed focus on “recession tough” businesses that attracted new prospects.

PSB adapted for restrictions but focused on maintaining their personal processes. Through online staff presentations and virtual cocktail hours, PSB could get to know candidates and recreate their signature “Discovery Day” interactions. PSB incorporated new technology like webcams and lighting to maintain the quality of “Discovery Days”.

The technology already in use within the company — a robust Learning Management System, a centralized call center, proprietary technological integrations of CRM software — were further incentives to join PSB.

The strong performance by franchise sales — 19 new signings nationwide — were supported by a 23% growth over 2019 in systemwide revenue. In June, 360° Painting reported their highest grossing month ever. Strong revenue numbers served as validation to interested candidates.

Because home services businesses were deemed essential during the government shutdown, these franchise opportunities were more appealing to candidates.

“The relationship with our brokers has evolved in a way that I was not expecting. Due to COVID-19, we are more attractive to buyers because the service-based business now shows the resiliency that we have always known,” said Vice President of Franchise Development, Luke Schulte.

About Premium Service Brands

Premium Service Brands (PSB) is a leading home services franchisor in North America with six home services brands: 360° Painting, Maid Right, ProLift Garage Doors, Handyman Pro, Kitchen Wise, and Renew Crew. 

To learn more about Premium Service Brands and their opportunities for growth and business ownership, visit www.premiumservicebrands.com.

16 07, 2020

Premium Service Brands’ 6 Brands See 23% Growth Through First Half of 2020

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — The six brands of Premium Service Brands have proven their grit, profitability, and business acumen, posting a 23% growth in systemwide revenue over 2019 in the first half of 2020. 360° Painting, Maid Right, Handyman Pro, ProLift Garage Doors, Kitchen Wise and Renew Crew posted huge numbers in an enormously difficult economic climate. Systemwide revenue growth has also bolstered franchise sales which have risen 19% over 2019.

This growth is partly because of the extra support the franchise owners received as the coronavirus began to spread across the country. To shore up financials and adapt their business models to the new and varied demands of clients all over the country, corporate staff reached out to owners with inventive tools and re-worked processes.

“We were creative in our pivot following the shutdowns that affected many areas of the county,” said VP of Brand Performance, Dave Rychley. “We ran financing, sales, and marketing webinars and held nearly constant ‘office hours’ so we could really coach owners 1:1 and help them not only survive but thrive.”

In many parts of the country, the six brands were recognized as essential services and they continued to support homeowners throughout the shutdown. Fairly quickly, franchise owners were offering Free Virtual Estimates, introducing new safety requirements for their crew, and turning to a variety of digital tools to keep their businesses running. Throughout the fall, all brands will be offering 100% contactless services – a way for homeowners to get the work they need done at home without any risk or worry.

“Safety is always the first thing we think of,” said Rychley. “All crews implemented new safety protocols like wearing masks and booties, wiping down all surfaces, and extra communication before and after the projects so that homeowners knew our crews were healthy.”

Revenue throughout Q1 and Q2 affirmed the effectiveness of these changes and individual brands hit major milestones. 360° Painting reported their highest grossing month of revenue ever and Renew Crew did its best month since June 2018.

About Premium Service Brands

To learn more about Premium Service Brands and their opportunities for growth and business ownership, visit www.premiumservicebrands.com.

1 05, 2020

Expert Consultation and Customer Service Help This Brand Thrive

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Specializing in interior and exterior painting of both residential and commercial properties, 360° Painting has built a strong reputation in the home-services category by delivering a careful, professional painting process coupled with a customer-first approach. By Jessica Jones


18 02, 2020

Premium Service Brands Acquires Three Brands, launches into 2020

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Premium Service Brands has been recognized by the Franchise Times for their growth in the last 18 months. The Franchise Times named Paul Flick, CEO and founder, and his team at Premium Service Brands as winners of their 2020 Dealmakers Award, an annual recognition of franchises with outstanding growth. In the last 18 months, Flick has closed on three acquisitions of home services brands Maid Right, Kitchen Wise, and Renew Crew. With these recent deals, Premium Service Brands is launching into a new decade and blazing a path forward that is turning heads and bolstering growth.

Since July 2018, Premium Service Brands has acquired three new brands with a combined revenue of approximately $20 million. Each acquisition brings new franchise owners, new growth, and new possibilities to Premium Service Brands. The exchange goes both ways: these three new brands have benefited from a seamless integration into the technological systems that have made the existing Premium Service Brands companies – 360° Painting, ProLift Garage Doors, and Handyman Pro – successful. 360° Painting has consistently been ranked as one of the fastest growing franchises by the Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 and spent two consecutive years ranked as the #1 paint franchise.

For Paul Flick, this rapid growth is all part of the plan. “With our strong systems – like our intensive training process and specialized marketing team – we thrive in incorporating new brands and boosting them to success.” The monster growth of Premium Service Brands in just 18 months is a sign of a driven system with strong goals and an even stronger vision for the future.

The three brands – Maid Right, Kitchen Wise, and Renew Crew – were strategic additions. “We want to be able to offer wrap-around services to homeowners. Anything that provides an additional home service boosts our company overall,” Flick said. “Each of our brands is oriented around the same end user,” he added.

The Franchise Times will honor Flick and Premium Service Brands at the Franchise Times Franchise Investment Conference at the beginning of March.

About Premium Service Brands

To learn more about Premium Service Brands and their opportunities for growth and business ownership, visit www.premiumservicebrands.com.