Chad Hames, a Border Magic/ Boulder Designs franchise owner, had no regret saying goodbye to corporate America and recommends that others seek out that perfect fit then jump into franchise ownership. By Rose Mango

Fire Your Boss

Chad Hames, a Border Magic franchise owner, loved his new company so much that he also bought into Border Magic’s sister company, Boulder Designs, so he could offer complete landscaping services to his clients. Hames has now owned two businesses under his parent company Hames Enterprises since 2008.

Chad Hames comes from the pool and spa industry, where he was an International Sales Manager and traveled all over the U.S. and Canada. Though he loved traveling, he just couldn’t shake the desire to be his own boss and run his own company. He felt the entrepreneurial nudge every time he would travel from state to state to set up dealers and to sell the pool and spa company’s products. He had an extensive knowledge and ability in sales but wanted to find the perfect fit. He was continually traveling on planes, boats, cars, and staying in hotels, but always longed for more time in the great outdoors.

While in Ohio on business, Hames was helping one of his dealers with a home show. While killing time, Hames toured the show and stumbled upon Border Magic. He conversed with the Border Magic franchisee that was there, and as Hames learned more about the products and Border Magic as a company, he fell in love with it. Hames said, “I hadn’t seen anything like it in my area and wanted something unique.”

Hames went on his way back to the grind of 9-5 and couldn’t shake the thought of Border Magic and all it entailed. He did some research and contacted Border Magic to set up a meeting. It was at that meeting Hames knew it was time to say goodbye to corporate America. Hames said, “I loved everything about Border Magic and Boulder Designs so much so, I bought both franchises! I quit my job and dove right in, head first!”

Now Hames builds proposals for people and has the ability to offer both products to his customers – and that really sets him apart from any competitor. Year after year his sales increase, and Hames has never looked back.

Hames had no regret saying goodbye to corporate America and recommended that others search out that perfect fit then jump into franchise ownership. Border Magic and Boulder Designs worked perfectly for Hames. Hames suggests that you find your ideal fit and dive in – because with franchising you have a team to guide you the whole way. For more information visit:

– Rose Mango