Newfound Money Pages franchise owners Will Grinnell and Morgan Murphy of Valdosta, Georgia, launched their first issue in September to resounding success. By Lizzy Yeserski

Newfound Money Pages franchise owners Will Grinnell and Morgan Murphy of Valdosta, Georgia, launched their first issue in September to resounding success.

“They exceeded their planned 16-page launch by eight pages,” confirmed Chris Sexton, vice president of franchising. “They were in the black on their first issue.”

For Grinnell and Murphy, the biggest fulfillment came from uplifting other businesses in their community. 

“The whole reason we wanted to go in on this and bring this to Valdosta, is because we think it fills a need for the business owners in the area. We really do want to help support local businesses and help them grow.” said Grinnell.

Money Pages is a thriving multimedia company with over 20 years of experience across publishing, direct mail, digital marketing and branding inside a $70 billion industry. Its advanced and comprehensive system, including the flagship magazine, offers advertisers multiple turnkey marketing strategies that help them grow their businesses while saving consumers money. Money Pages creates a win-win situation for all business owners and residents.

According to Sexton, the ability to locally own and operate a Money Pages franchise is a “big differentiator” for prospective entrepreneurs. “Our franchisees are very involved in their backyards. They’re passionate about fostering involvement and engaging community members in multiple ways,” he said.

Like Grinnell and Murphy, Brian and Ramona Long felt the same desire to combine passion and purpose with their entrepreneurial drive.

“It’s a small local business that really drives our local economy, and this gives us an avenue to be able to make high-quality, high-brow marketing strategies affordable for the local business owner,” Ramona said of their Cobb County, Georgia, Money Pages franchise.

The corporate team’s exceptional support and training through Money Pages University – an immersive two-week, in-field development experience – includes across-the-board training on how to leverage community events – from sports outings to festivals to local fundraisers. This enables Money Pages’ owners to thoughtfully and intentionally create sustainable partnerships and give back to their networks.

“It’s just been such a gift beyond being a successful business,” Ramona explained. “It’s been so rewarding to be a part of other people’s dreams and help them grow those dreams into reality.”

And it’s easy for clients to witness Money Pages at work. They see the immediate return on their investment through dynamic QR codes, coupon redemption and tracking software. 

As a Money Pages franchise owner, you’ll easily see a return on your investment, too, and how you can bring purpose to the forefront while embracing financial freedom.

“I think purpose is really central to many people’s lives and being able to make a difference,” said Sexton. “We’re a unique marketing vehicle to help business owners take their companies to the next level.”

If the idea of impacting your community resonates with you, write your next chapter with Money Pages and start building your future today.

Lizzy Yeserski