Assisting Hands helped Armando Morales create a network of doctors, nurses, social workers, hospice workers, therapists, and family members that all help each other care for their loved ones. By Elice Morgenson

Senior home care helps create a community so you are never alone

No one can predict when they will need help with an illness or disability. This scenario is something most of us know will happen, but the emotion surrounding it can make it the most difficult to plan for. Armando Morales experienced that firsthand and felt a calling to help provide support for those in need of experienced and reliable aid.

Several years ago, both of Morales’ parents had extended chronic illnesses that required a great deal of care. He had difficulty finding caregivers that were both reliable and compassionate. He quickly realized he was dedicated to senior care, and with the help of Assisting Hands Home Care he was able to familiarize himself with the industry. After years as a sales director and general manager for several multinational companies, he decided he wanted to become an entrepreneur. Morales knew that the benefits he would bring to his community would be worth the hard work. Opening an Assisting Hands Home Care helped him provide for his family, and it provided jobs and much-needed care for his own community.

Community is one of the bedrocks of Assisting Hands Home Care. Assisting Hands helped Morales create a network of doctors, nurses, social workers, hospice workers, therapists, and family members that all help each other care for their loved ones. Morales attributes his success to the culture he has developed within Assisting Hands. “We have been able to establish a culture of service, compassion, and trust by hiring the best resources, providing constant training, and adapting to our clients’ changing needs.”

Assisting Hands has used the sense of community as their model for franchise growth and development. When Morales began his journey in the home care industry, he wasn’t familiar with how it functioned. Before buying his own franchise, he was able to connect with other franchise owners to freely ask them about all aspects of running a franchise, down to revenue projection and best practices. “When you buy a franchise, you usually get some pre-opening and some ongoing support from the franchisor. But, in our case, we also have the Area Representative model, and this offers an additional level of support for our franchisees. As an Area representative, I can support a new franchisee in understanding their protected territory so that they can maximize their potential. We can also help them to establish sales, administrative, operational, and financial processes to shorten the learning curve.”

While Morales was learning more about the franchise, he felt that three things stood out to him that set Assisting Hands apart from the competition. “The company management and staff made a genuine effort to try to get to know me, my family, my skills, my character, and my motivation before they offered me the opportunity to talk about any available territories. This gave me the confidence that I would be sharing a brand name with people that would be professional and with good moral values. The company made it obvious that they were open to new ideas and suggestions, and they provided direct communication with their franchisees on an ongoing basis. The territory I wanted was available, and I still had the option to buy additional territories to expand my business.”

Running a home care business is a huge responsibility. “To be successful in this industry, it is imperative to have a sincere desire to help others and not only be a good business person. You must be willing to interview, supervise, and train people. You also need to be aware that you are responsible for the wellbeing of frail individuals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so this is a big responsibility.”

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– Elice Morgenson