Learn about all the benefits of franchising with Island Fin Poké Co. By Rose Mango

Island Fin Poké Co. creates fresh, original poké bowls in a unique Hawaiian style. Mark and Paul of Island Fin Poké Co. brought some of the best tastes of the islands to the mainland while still keeping their traditional flavors and recipes. They kept the island’s cherished recipes consistent – to assure that each visitor would enjoy a dining experience like no other.

Poké bowls have been a popular dish in Hawaii for decades. Over the last few years, poké bowls have become a hot new trend in the franchising industry throughout the U.S. They are a very healthy option that is incredibly quick to make. Offerings such as sushi-grade seafood over a bed of rice, or spring mix with a variety of fruits, vegetables, toppings, and sauces, are presented to diners. And it thrills diners to have countless options on how a poké bowl can be created.

One of the many benefits to the Island Fin Poké Co. business model is uncommonly low startup costs. An island Fin Poké Co. franchise costs around $200,000 to get up and running. This is much more reasonable compared to most other restaurant franchises, which average around $400,000 in fees. It also dramatically reduces your financial risk.

You can also factor in the lack of competition in this particular franchise market. It is rare to find a franchise opportunity that allows you to be one of the first in your market to introduce a new type of food. It’s a terrific way to join a unique franchise that will be sure to stand out from the rest.


The only cooking involved is making rice in a rice cooker. All other food is fresh and takes minimal prep time. This simple operation is excellent for those who don’t have a restaurant background and is very appealing for those who do have food prep experience. Another plus is limited labor costs – no cooking means less staff and fewer labor costs.

The minimal space required to operate an Island Fin Poké Co. is a plus and saves a lot of money for the initial investment. Most restaurants need a great deal of room but, franchisees of Island Fin Poké Co. don’t need a lot of equipment, making it easier to operate a franchise in a space from 900 to 1500 square feet. The savings are considerable.

Only fresh ingredients are used; no preservatives, frozen products, artificial coloring or sweeteners. There is an excellent opportunity to capture the segment of the population who prefers to eat healthily. With a tremendous need for quick and healthy options in the fast-food arena, your restuarant will be one of the few options people will chose.

Most restaurant franchises are limited in which markets they can establish themselves. Since poké bowls are just starting to become a popular franchise option, franchisees have unlimited opportunities and can choose the most desired areas. Factor in the uniqueness of the menu and and it’s a win-win in the untraditional restaurant industry segment.

Island Fin Poké Co. encourages those interested in franchising to jump in early. They offer two different types of franchise opportunities. The first is a single unit franchise, which allows you to operate your own Island Fin Poké Co. in a protected territory of your choice. The other option is the area development franchise opportunity – for those looking to lock down a broader region and slowly build a series of Island Fin Poké Co. locations.

If you are serious about bringing a healthy, flavorful, fast dining option to your community, contact Island Fin Poké Co. now while you can still get in. Territories are currently available, but when they’re gone, they’re gone.

For more information visit their website at: https://www.islandfinpoke.com/franchise.

– Rose Mango