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31 days to go. Full stop. The end of 2019. The end of a decade. Now, start again. What is your “game changer” for the year 2020 and beyond? By Dawn Abbamondi

31 days to go. Full stop. The end of 2019. The end of a decade.

Now, start again. What is your “game changer” for the year 2020 and beyond?

Something truly significant would be owning a new business, and if that is your lifelong dream, now is a great time to start your journey on that path to achieving it. So, stop dreaming, and make it happen.

This issue features 100 Franchise Industry Game Changers. 100 franchise brands that are looking for owners like you to join their team of dedicated, hard-working and inspired business-minded individuals. Whatever you love to do, there is a brand out there that serves that passion. From caring for loved ones or pets, to enjoying healthy foods and yoga (hot, or not) and even technology, teaching, social media marketing or finance – there is a business that allows you to combine these interests and put them to good use serving customers or clients. Better yet, the things you don’t know how to do, or don’t trust yourself to do well, are supported by people who do.

While I don’t know you, and what would be perfect for you… or, the actual 100 Game Changers 2019 List (they wouldn’t give me a preview) I would bet that at least one of these brands might be just what you need now.

For many reading this magazine, you have an entrepreneur inside that is waiting to shine. What is holding you back? If you have doubts about what you can do and being on your own, then a franchise brand can be the perfect solution. Your dream can become reality.

When you choose to join a franchise system, their training, brand image, products and services have been tested and proven. You can see this right in their FDD and their Financial Performance Disclosure (aka Item 19). On top of that, you will have more than just training before you open, you will have ongoing support, mentorship and a professional guide to help you succeed as long as you own the business.

These reasons and more are why many aspiring entrepreneurs turn to a franchise brand. It is a new path, but it is not uncharted territory.

This December 31st is not only the end of 365 days in 2019. It could be the end of working in a job you don’t love, for a boss you won’t miss. It could be the end of doing the same-old, same-old job. Sitting in traffic. Getting home late for dinner, missing your kid’s afternoon recitals or games. The end of 2019 should be the end of just continuing to do what you have done in the past.

I believe in taking time off from work during the month of December. Maybe you already have time booked off and you could spend some of this time researching what to do next. It is the end of the decade and this is your chance to make a fresh start.

You are the only person holding you back. It is time to invest in you.

Make something significant happen. You won’t regret it. This year, be the Game Changer for your own self and for your future.

– Dawn Abbamondi

Dawn Abbamondi, Director of Brand Development & Marketing at SMB Franchise Advisors, has over 20 years of extensive franchising experience in the coffee, food, convenience, gift and floral industries. Dawn leads the areas of marketing, social media, public relations, web development and lead generation. Contact her at 215-370-7998 or Visit