WaterStation Technology business is on the cutting edge of ecologically-minded efforts to meet the nation’s demand for clean drinking water. By Deanna Pledge

WaterStationWaterStation Technology business is on the cutting edge of ecologically-minded efforts to meet the nation’s demand for clean drinking water in self-serve vending machines with absolutely no use of plastic bottles.

WaterStation has a significant amount of new opportunities for veterans to own a business or create an additional stream of income while focusing on their current jobs. They have partnered with multiple retail chains in the U.S. and have many territories available due to the relationship. WaterStation has created a ground-breaking program for veterans that drastically reduces the initial costs required for veterans to own a business. Dick Humphrey, who is a former Marine aviator himself, is now the VP of Business Development for Broker Networks, reports that veterans can get started with as little as $10K, plus also obtain a $12K interest-free 10-year business loan. Tax incentives and profit-sharing are unique aspects available to veterans as well.

Financial support is only one example of WaterStation’s veteran-friendly business model. Most locations have been installed a few months before the franchisee takes ownership, helping to establish an existing market, and allowing veterans to get started immediately, without any ramp-up time. Also, veteran-owned machines are identified with a unique “Veteran Owned” template to inform the public of that vital connection. WaterStation’s goal is to produce a great overall average return on investment down payment for veterans after their first twelve months of owning the business.

Veteran programs currently exist in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. Plans are underway to expand to Florida and other selected states by the end of the year. Business marketing, such as working with HDTV, significantly broadens the reach of WaterStation and each business owner’s visibility.

Owning a WaterStation business is a 100% turn- key operation. Veterans can also become involved in marketing efforts. The level of positive impact WaterStation has created through its business alliance with veterans is even more amazing when you consider their veteran model started just one year ago.

For more information about franchising, contact Dick Humphrey via email: dhumphrey@waterstationtechnology.com.

– Deanna Pledge