With a technology franchise, you get the support of a system in a thriving industry. By Alesia Visconti

As a society, it’s obvious we’re in love with technology. It permeates our lives so deeply we hardly think about it until there’s a snafu somewhere—maybe we can’t receive our texts or emails or our social media accounts are not post­ing instantaneously. Our dependency on tech­nology impacts our daily lives, both profession­ally and personally. For businesses, technology’s reach touches operations, marketing, cyber-security, customer service, and a plethora of oth­er areas. When it goes down, business halts.

Technology is the core of what fuels busi­nesses and consumers alike. And for many in the franchise industry, it’s the arena chosen for business ownership. You may not ini­tially think of “technology” as a category in the franchise space, but it is— and there are numerous models and brands available for ownership. The wonderful thing about the franchise industry is that you can find a fran­chise in the area that interests you most, and for sure, technology brands are a solid and growing choice. They’re exciting, and they’re always advancing. Case in point: Commercial drone franchises are an incredible sector that— just a few years ago—didn’t even exist.

If drones aren’t to your liking, how about franchises providing information technolo­gy services to businesses? A huge market, it is estimated at $300 billion and grow­ing. There’s also the electronic repair and services sector that readily fixes damaged phones, tablets, and PCs. Of course, cyber­security issues are always a factor, so brands that protect the services for a device, data, and the user’s identity are quite popular. If your desire is to work strictly b2b (business to business), brand specializing in digital marketing strategies and solutions will pique your interest. Services range the gamut and franchise owners are able to generate leads, sales, and customers for their clients.

Whether you want to be involved in the day-to-day operations of a technology busi­ness or manage the overall operations, this is a category that offers numerous opportu­nities for franchise owners—both immediate and for the future.


Alesia Visconti has 20-plus years helping others find their career bliss. She is the CEO of FranServe Inc, the world’s largest franchise consulting & expansion organization. Her motto in life is “work hard, play hard, help others, repeat.” She and her expert team of franchise consultants are passionate about helping others achieve their dreams of business ownership through franchising. Alesia is a self-proclaimed nerd and loves all things “superhero.” For more infor­mation visit www.franserve.com. To reach Visconti, call 8002065454 or email avisconti@franserve.com