…an encouraging environment focusing not only on fitness, but also on motivation and nutrition. By Cindy Charette

Bryan Klein, the founder and CEO of THE MAX Challenge, was determined to create a unique and encouraging environment from day one of opening his first boutique fitness center in 2011. Klein had tried a lot of different gyms prior to opening his own, but with each gym he had joined, he noticed too many voids. Klein saw how people would come and go to these big box gyms, but most were not achieving their fitness goals. In many cases, Klein determined this was because motivational and nutritional components were missing.

“There are several stages to the perfectly timed, 10 week life-changing program offered by THE MAX Challenge,” states Hayley Guerra, Franchise Marketing Manager at THE MAX. The focus is not only on fitness, but on motivation and nutrition as well. All three areas work in tandem to complete this comprehensive fitness program, presented with intention and extremely positive energy. Guerra adds, “We want everyone to come back the next day.”

THE MAX Challenge’s nutritional program is strongly encouraged, but totally optional to follow. “We don’t take weights or measurements, and it’s more about the non-scaled victories and how you are feeling,” Guerra explains. Workouts are varied depending on the day, and the nutritional component is tied to the workout for that particular class. Some franchise locations also work with local restaurants to build “MAX-compliant menus” as another resource to support the nutritional goals of MAX members.

Motivation is also a big component at THE MAX, where members are encouraged either through text or phone call to come in every day the center is opened, which is Monday through Friday. Each member has their own unique goals, and THE MAX is there to support those goals through classes along with motivation and nutrition.

Franchisees don’t have to be fitness or nutritional experts to own a successful THE MAX Challenge fitness center, but if you are interested in becoming an important part of your community and making a truly positive difference in the lives of others, visit https://themaxfranchising.com for more information.

– Cindy Charette