NaturaLawn of America Educates Montgomery County Homeowners Following Passage of the Healthy Lawns Act 52-14

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The local company is the answer to deliver compliant, natural lawn care to area residents.

FREDERICK, Md.NaturaLawn of America, Inc. (NaturaLawn), the Leader in Organic-Based Lawn Care® and provider of Safer Lawn Care Naturally, announces its 100% Organic Alternative® program to area homeowners to ensure their lawns are compliant with the recently-passed Healthy Lawns Act 52-14.

The Healthy Lawns Act 52-14, passed by the Montgomery County Council, makes it illegal to use “cosmetic pesticides,” including synthetic weed, insect, or disease control products in lawn care materials, many of which are widely used by other area service providers to create so-called ‘perfect’ lawns.

Homegrown in Damascus since 1987 and now headquartered in Frederick, MD, NaturaLawn has pioneered the breakthrough into environmentally-responsible lawn care. For more than 30 years, NaturaLawn has been a crusader for healthy, environmental stewardship as opposed to chemical-laden approaches many competitors use. As part of its commitment to educate homeowners, NaturaLawn took a proactive approach over four years ago to develop the only tested and proven solution that would not just comply, but exceed Act 52-14’s requirements.

As the spring season approaches, NaturaLawn is the only local company able to give Montgomery County homeowners a safer, healthier lawn and lasting results that align with recent legislation and environmentally-responsible practices.

“At NaturaLawn, we are passionate about helping Montgomery County homeowners, and also being able to deliver the healthy lawns our customers desire while upholding the highest standards in environmentally-responsible materials,” said Phil Catron, President and Founder of NaturaLawn. “As an organization which originated in Montgomery County, we continue to take an aggressive, proactive approach to revolutionize the lawn care industry, develop the latest in organic, natural solutions, and bring our expertise to our customers.”

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