Encore Salon Suites

30 03, 2022

Encore Salon Suites: Beautiful Spaces

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Patrice McKinney, founder and CEO of Encore Salon Suites, is proud to lead a business that understands the needs of its owners and clients. “We allow the beauty professionals the opportunity to completely customize their space, so they can be more creative and comfortable.” By Heidi Lubrani


31 01, 2022

Encore Salon Suites: Creating a Community

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Encore Salon Suites is a franchise concept offering a unique opportunity for franchisees. This passive, semi-absentee ownership style is perfect for someone looking to invest in a recession-proof industry that creates a community of independent hair and beauty professionals. By Jorgette Krsulic


1 01, 2022

Suite Life is Sweet! Encore Salon Suites

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Providing a community for health-and-beauty professionals is what Encore Salon Suites is all about. The emerging concept offers a place where personal-care professionals can lease a private space while having a shared community area for bonding and socialization. By Jorgette Krsulic


30 09, 2021

Encore Salon Suites: Patrice McKinney: The Path to Personal and Financial Freedom

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Encore Salon Suites is a proven salon studio concept currently operating two corporate franchise locations and one franchise location. Encore has a valuable offering that both owners and tenants love. By Nancy E. Williams


31 08, 2021

Encore Salon Suites: A One-Stop Shop for Customers and Franchisees

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Patrice McKinney, founder and CEO of Encore Salon Suites, is no stranger to the beauty industry and uses her business know-how to grow her brand through franchising. Growing up with a twin sister and mother who both worked in a salon, McKinney vividly remembers the salon’s energy and stylists’ creative freedom. By Brianna Bohn