My Backyard Sports Announces Expansion Through Franchising

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Offering design and installation of 3,000 sport-related products for over 30 sports, this emerging sports experience franchise brings the stadium experience right to your home, school or community.

CLOSTER, N.J.My Backyard Sports, a full-service design and installation company specializing in customizable courts and sport surfaces, is looking to expand its presence across the country through franchising. Offering 3,000 products for over 30 sports, the brand’s projects range from the purchase and installation of basketball hoops and other sports equipment to the design and build of indoor or outdoor sport facilities encompassing both single and multi-purpose surfaces.

Founded in 2017 by Michael Kraner and his wife, Debbi Rapaport, My Backyard Sports provides its clients with high-end products and services that create unmatched experiences at home or in the community. Offering customized small, medium and large-sized projects, My Backyard Sports services both residential and commercial clients, including homes, schools, churches, recreation centers, condominiums, real estate developers, and businesses.

“For us, it’s all about creating experiences and bringing families closer together,” said Kraner, founder and CEO of My Backyard Sports. “Whether it’s providing kids a unique space to hone in on specific skills, or simply getting kids away from the screen and encouraging physical activity, our goal is to share our love of sports and help foster health, wellness, confidence, and friendships.”

Using cutting-edge technology, My Backyard Sports emphasizes safety. The brand’s customizable sport tiles can eliminate nearly 30 percent of the shock and impact on one’s joints and ligaments compared to traditional concrete and asphalt, allowing athletes to train longer and decrease the potential for long-term ailments. My Backyard Sports also utilizes modern gravel-based surfaces, which offer more efficient installation, provide superior drainage, and last longer than concrete or asphalt.

As many families continue to adapt to hybrid lifestyles and spending more time at home, My Backyard Sports is poised to create original courts and sport surfaces to make any home or business the go-to spot for neighbors and community members. The brand builds authentic relationships with the individuals and communities it serves through sports.

“The opportunity to grow our business while simultaneously giving entrepreneurs an avenue to start their own business is extremely exciting,” said Scott Stricof, Vice President of Franchise Development at My Backyard Sports. “We look forward to partnering with passionate sports fans to help expand our brand’s footprint throughout the country.”

My Backyard Sports is currently seeking qualified individuals to serve as franchisees. Each prospective franchisee should have an entrepreneurial spirit, strong people management skills, and a passion for providing great products and unmatched customer service to their community. The My Backyard Sports team aims to offer the necessary resources to operate successfully through teamwork and strong leadership, while creating a first-class experience for its customers. Including a franchise fee, the cost to open a My Backyard Sports ranges between $104,392$177,685. For additional information on franchising opportunities, please visit

About My Backyard Sports

Through customizable backyard courts, indoor facilities, and sport accessories, My Backyard Sports offers families and communities unparalleled products to construct the perfect stadium-like experience. The brand provides the opportunity to invest in something that will not only create lasting memories, but gives kids the opportunity to develop athletic skillsets, build their interpersonal relationships, and increase overall confidence for its customers.