FranFund designs flexible funding plans that help new and experienced business owners fund their franchises. By Sherri Seiber

When it comes to getting funded with a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan, you must be confident in your game plan. You cannot win a game depending only on your quarterback. You will need to have all your X’s and O’s in the right place, along with a winning strategy in mind.

That’s where FranFund comes into play. Think of us as your head coach. Here are the 6 steps we will tackle to get you to the “SBA loan end zone” with FranFund:

Step 1: Get your FranScore®
Avoid last-minute red flags with a soft credit pull that will leave you penalty-free. Analyzing your financial strength is a crucial step in the loan acquisition because it ensures that you are in the best shape (financially) for the kick-off!

Step 2: Receive a detailed consultation & pre-approval
We can provide you a fast “no” or a reliable “yes.” This process won’t leave you feeling like another recruitment statistic, but rather a valued player on the team.

Step 3: Create the perfect loan package
Once we sign you as a committed player, we will provide our comprehensive playbook. Engaging FranFund provides you with the confidence as well as the comfort in knowing you have plenty of play options. Our perfect loan package won’t leave you feeling like a bench warmer.

Step 4: Shop the package to lenders
You will be the quarterback of your American dream team. We want to put you in play with the best receivers. In this case, it’s making sure your goals are achieved with an appropriate offer on the table.

Step 5: Get approved
This may feel like throwing a Hail Mary pass without having to throw a Hail Mary pass. In other words, you can be approved in as little as 24-48 hours and move the chains forward, having a loan in place!

Step 6: Get funded
It’s time to break out your touchdown victory dance! We know the level of coaching it takes to get you on the scoreboard in this process, and we will be on the sideline coaching you every step of the way through your perfect season.

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– Sherri Seiber

FranFund designs flexible funding plans that help new and experienced business owners fund their franchises. We have a powerful and accurate pre-approval process. Our former bankers analyze a candidate’s financial situation the same way a lender would, and we have a 99% success rate in obtaining loans for borrowers who received FranFund pre-approval! We offer ongoing support and make sure our clients know all of their options for funding single units through multi-unit expansions including SBA loans, conventional lending, and retirement plan funding with a risk-free SafetyNet® option. For more information, contact Sherri Seiber: