Vending operators now have a greater profit potential while enjoying a more flexible schedule. On the forefront of this revolution is Naturals2Go. By Rochelle Miller

Not your grandfather’s vending machine

Back in the heyday of rotary phones and airplane smoking sections, vending machines sold cigarettes to any smoker who dropped in coins and pulled a lever. Today a lot has changed: from society’s enlightenment about the hazards of smoking and well beyond, to the vending machine itself.

In short, this isn’t your grandfather’s vending machine. The more extensive explanation is that there has been a technological revolution within the vending industry. Vending operators now have a greater profit potential while enjoying a more flexible schedule. On the forefront of this revolution is Naturals2Go, a nationwide vending machine company with exclusive technologies that allow franchise owners – from the comfort of their homes – to do everything from facilitating payments to managing inventory.

That’s a stark contrast to vending machines of yesteryear, which had to be physically visited to check inventory and retrieve the cash inside. Long days and high mileage did not guarantee a good payday, however. After a slow week, the trip to check a machine was a waste of time with little to no profit. During a particularly great week, a machine could sit empty for days with money-making opportunities lost.

By contrast, today’s Naturals2Go vendors can monitor their inventory levels remotely so they know exactly what products they need to restock as well as which machine needs to be visited and when. Via the internet, franchisees have total information access, from cash totals to inventory levels for each machine. The easy access to data lets Naturals2Go franchisees set their own hours and minimize time in the field.

In addition, Naturals2Go machines are equipped with the Nayax VPOS Touch system, a proprietary technology that allows customers to use touchscreens to pay with debit and credit cards (chipped or not), Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or the old standby, coins and cash.

As its name implies, Naturals2Go appeals to nutrition-conscious customers by selling treats that are far healthier than stocked in their counterparts a generation or two ago. Franchisees aren’t tied to any particular merchandise, though. They can choose whatever snacks, beverages and microwaveable entrée items they want to sell, and they may purchase the products wherever they wish.

What if a technical problem arises and machine troubleshooting is needed? The Naturals2Go vending machines can be reconfigured remotely, a capability that many competing vendors don’t offer. Some vending operations still require a physical visit to plug in a card before altering the configuration.

Clearly Naturals2Go’s pioneering capabilities have come a long way since their vending forefathers.

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– Rochelle Miller