Katie Tu was looking for a way to earn extra income but wasn’t sure how.  By Shelby Green

Katie Tu was looking for a way to earn extra income but wasn’t sure how. She knew a friend who worked in the vending machine industry, and they referred her to Naturals2Go, the largest healthy vending machine business opportunity in the U.S.

Naturals2Go was launched in 2009 as the healthy snack and beverage division for Vend Tech International, one of the largest vending business opportunity companies in the U.S. Unlike many of their competitors, Naturals2Go doesn’t charge any client fees, and has a full-time funding specialist on staff.

Tu was able to get started with six vending machines in a single location through one of the brand’s financing partners. She worked with a Naturals2Go locating specialist, who helped her find an optimal location that ensured she was able to be successful. The professional locators work closely with owner operators to find high-traffic locations and even help secure a new location if the current location is underperforming. 

Naturals2Go also provides owner operators with in-depth training that will push them to be successful. The comprehensive training is led by seasoned Naturals2Go owner operators who were hand-selected to teach others how to operate equipment, manage finances, secure the best locations and maximize profits. 

“I flew to Buffalo, New York, for two days of in-person training,” explained Tu. “One day was classroom training, where we talked about guidelines, what to do with policy and procedures and how to price items. The second day, we learned all about the machine, like how to change out the tray and coils and how to work with the machine.”

Tu has been able to get a successful business up and running with the support of Naturals2Go, while comfortably working at another job, giving her an extra source of income. 

“This opportunity has allowed me to earn extra income while still working my other job,” said Tu. “Naturals2Go was able to help me navigate financing and find the right location. Since Naturals2Go placed the machines in April, my business is generating well over $12,000 in gross sales per month.”

Here’s a glimpse of a day in the life of a Naturals2Go owner operator:

7 a.m.  Tu heads out to the store to pick up supplies. She buys a variety of products that cater to the people in her location.

7:30 a.m.  Next, it’s time to head to the vending machines where Tu restocks all six of her machines. 

Noon  Once she’s finished stocking all of the vending machines, Tu typically prepares more inventory, places orders or completes any other tasks that may need to be done.

3:30 p.m.  After she’s finished preparing inventory and stocking vending machines, Tu goes to work at her other job.

Shelby Green