Kitchen Tune Up

The home improvement and remodeling industry is on fire, and the Kitchen Tune-Up brand is at the front lines, offering customers kitchen and bath solutions for any budget. By Nancy E. Williams

With HGTV hit shows such as “Fixer Upper” and “Property Brothers,” the home improvement and remodeling industry is on fire, and the Kitchen Tune-Up brand is at the front lines. This 31-year-old brand offers customers different kitchen and bath solutions for any budget. 2019 was a record-breaking year for the Kitchen Tune-Up franchise, with the addition of 72 new franchise locations. To support the explosion of new business, they have added four more team members and are building new offices at their headquarters. “We want to make sure that our owners are fully supported and that we’re ready for the continued growth in 2020,” says Heidi Morrissey, President at Kitchen Tune-Up franchise system.

In addition to the remodeling boom, Morrissey explains that the meal home delivery craze is motivating home-owners to create more functional and beautiful kitchens. While you may not immediately connect the kitchen remodeling industry to Health and Fitness, like with many industries, when we see growth in one, others are positively impacted. In-home meal preparation is driven by the desire to be healthier, and as that industry grows, so does kitchen remodeling. “Because people are spending more time at home, particularly in their kitchen, preparing their own meals and entertaining, they really want a comfortable and friendly environment.”

In 2020, Kitchen Tune-up is looking to expand the brand both within the 39 states they are already in, and into new ones. Capitalizing on the tremendous 2019 growth, the goal is to become a household name. “The way we plan to do this is by creating an ‘easy button’ for owners to be able to grow their businesses through automation, allowing them to scale without putting in more time,” Morrissey explains.

So, if you’re an energetic and enthusiastic person who gets excited watching HGTV, you should explore ownership of a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise. With healthy gross profits (provided in the Franchise Disclosure Document) and tech-savvy platforms for training and quoting, you will have all the tools you need to be successful. No sales or construction experience required.
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– Nancy E. Williams