According to David Giacobbo, president and CEO of One You Love Homecare, the average age of its clients is 80 years, and many need companion, personal or comprehensive care. By Cindy Charette

According to David Giacobbo, president and CEO of One You Love Homecare, the average age of its clients is 80 years, and many need companion, personal or comprehensive care.

Giacobbo said, with so many families bringing loved ones home from senior-living facilities due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the need for home health care has increased dramatically. This means that not only is a One You Love Homecare franchise recession-proof, but it also is pandemic-proof.

In addition to the majority of One You Love Homecare’s clients being seniors, 80% to 90% are also faced with having to live alone, Giacobbo said. Some have lost a spouse and the only family members left live far away or have full-time jobs. For these reasons, the services offered by One You Love Homecare are particularly important and give families much-needed peace of mind.

Companion Care

One You Love Homecare offers several layers of care, starting with Companion Care. Companion caregivers can be hired on an hourly basis and assist with grooming, dressing, light housekeeping, and meal preparation. Also, caregivers can have lunch out with clients, accompany them to appointments, go for walks, go shopping, and even visit the hair salon with them. Companion caregivers build strong relationships with their clients; while playing card games or watching old-time movies for example, clients’ social and emotional wellness needs are fulfilled.

Personal Care

In situations where a client also has physical needs, such as those that may make bathing and dressing difficult, One You Love Homecare offers another level of service – Personal Care – which also includes the services offered by the Companion Care plan. To address clients’ physical needs, each home is provided with an iPad that holds Giacobbo’s proprietary software technology he named “The Power of 2.” With the touch of a button, this technology provides caregivers with a view of the client’s needs and a personalized care plan to follow, whether it be certain exercises or self-care routines.

Comprehensive Care

When a client requires extended assistance, Comprehensive Care is a full-coverage plan that offers unmatched life-enhancing services, such as hospital transitions or physician visits, and it includes Personal Care and Companion Care services as well. This plan provides full-time, live-in care arrangements, where a caregiver stays in a client’s home for 24 hours a day.

Offering such a wide range of care options to seniors requires having a pool of exceptionally qualified caregivers. Those hired by One You Love Homecare are carefully selected and come with many years of experience as well as a heart for the elderly. Those who work for this franchise care more about the job than a paycheck; this is their passion.

In a sense, Giacobbo believes that part of his role, and the role of franchisees, is that of a matchmaker. One You Love Homecare prides itself on matching the right caregiver to each client through carefully designed assessments. Once the client completes the assessments, both Giacobbo and a nurse on staff review them to ensure that the experience and personality of the caregiver match the physical and emotional needs of the client. For more information about One You Love Homecare, visit

– Cindy Charette