This millennial franchisee has just one regret: not starting sooner. By Jill Abrahamsen

A “Hole” New Career

This millennial franchisee has just one regret: not starting sooner.

by Jill Abrahamsen

Jerry Rahill started a career in sales right after graduating from college in 2014. After a few years, he realized it wasn’t for him. “I just wanted something I could be more passionate about. If I was going to spend the next 30-plus years working, it was going to count,” Rahill says. He looked at franchising as an option and researched different brands in the home-services area. He was taken when he came across the The Patch Boys. “I knew right away that it was for me,” he says. “It’s a niche business with so much potential.”

A drywall-repair service, The Patch Boys is a simple concept and Rahill fell in love with it. “We fix holes in walls. That’s it. It’s a service that everyone needs at one time or another,” Rahill says. “Usually, contractors won’t take these jobs because they are too small. But when that’s all you do, you have a lucrative, high-volume business.” The rapidly growing franchise system awarded 46 territories in 2016, including Rahill’s.

When Rahill phoned to inquire about The Patch Boys, he never imagined he’d be up and running with his own location just weeks later. “I spoke to Leo Goldberger, founder and CEO, and he shared his vision. I could hear the passion in his voice and wanted in. I loved the unique concept, the high margins, and fast startup. The whole package was ideal. Before I knew it, I was in training,” he adds. Running the Greater Philadelphia area, Rahill has the opportunity to scale the business at his own pace. “The leads are flowing in. There’s no shortage of customers,” Rahill says. In fact, his biggest challenge is recruiting employees to accommodate his growing business, but he looks forward to the challenge. “It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I just wish I did it sooner. I’m finally excited about my work.”

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