19986413_MIf you’re thinking of opening a franchise, it’s important to know what skills you have that will help the franchise be successful. But how do you narrow down that list of skills? Read below to find out.

Choose a franchising category

The franchising category you choose will tell you a great deal about the skills you have. Consider the industry you have chosen and what you already know about it. Is this an area you feel immediately prepared to contribute to, or would you still have to collect data and knowledge in order to begin to contribute?

Choose your business model

After you’ve chosen a franchising category, what business models appeal to you? Does the setup makes sense, or do you feel it will make completing everyday tasks difficult? You don’t want to waste time on a business model that matches your skills so poorly that basic operations are problematic.

Consider your past experience

Finally, consider what skills have benefited you in past jobs and which you enjoyed using. Does the franchise you’ve chosen call for the same skill set, or is an entirely new set required?

Still unsure of which franchising skills you have? Contact a franchise consultant today!