NEW YORK — For vomFASS, 2019 commemorates 25 years of delivering the highest quality olive oils, vinegars, gourmet foods and spirits to customers around the world. vomFASS has over 300 franchise stores worldwide with a strong presence in Europe, expansion in Asia, South America and an emphasis on growing the franchise base in the United States.

“We are so excited to be able to celebrate this milestone with our franchisees from across the globe. 25 years is only possible because of our franchisees and the loyal customers who’ve supported the shops,” said Thomas Kiderlen, International CEO and owner of vomFASS.  “I very much look forward to another successful 25 years and would like to thank everyone for their hard work.  I would also like to thank our producers—many of which we’ve worked with for 25 years—for their dedication to producing only the finest quality products,” he said.

vomFASS held a special anniversary event at the company’s headquarters in Waldburg, Germany that was attended by over 270 franchisees. Highlights of the event included a private wine tasting with the winemakers, a marketplace with over 30 producers on-site, special product training sessions and more.  The event also allowed franchisees to network with colleagues from other countries to share ideas and invaluable experiences. The anniversary event culminated with a formal gala complete with live music, comedy performances, five course dinner, casino games and dance party.  Performers from Cirque du Sol wowed guests with high-wire acrobatic acts and art performances. Over 20 franchisees from the United States attended the event, with over 250 attendees in total.

The next US store is slated to open in the first quarter of 2020 and will be in Brookline, MA (Boston metropolitan area).  Since 2016, the US has become the second leading country in terms of volume within the vomFASS global system and projects to surpass Germany as the leader over the next decade.  vomFASS is actively seeking ideal candidates to join its franchise system in dynamic markets throughout the United States. With many retail ventures looking for unique experiences to offer their customer base, vomFASS answers this question by offering a taste-before-you-buy concept that is uniquely different from others in the market.  The popularity of the brand is growing in each region where existing franchises are located. The US market is poised to grow exponentially through an emphasis on developing unique products and exciting in-store events.

About vomFASS

vomFASS is a unique retail experience—where you become a taste explorer, following your spirit of discovery to unique and memorable places. Step into a beautifully crafted European style tasting room and sample away—artisanal oils, fruit vinegars, liqueurs, and spirits. You can learn the stories behind the tastes that intrigue—because every product has a story behind it. vomFASS has roots in Germany, more than 100 awards from renowned institutes and over 25 years of experience in growing, tasting and testing the best collection of products that cannot be found elsewhere. The extended vomFASS family reaches into more than 25 countries with over 300 franchise locations.

For more information about opening a franchise in the United States visit  The vomFASS franchising operations in the United States is managed by TK Franchise Operations LP:
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