A true entrepreneur thinks differently than other people. It isn’t the label of being an “entrepreneur” which makes that so but one’s mindset.  By Alesia Visconti

A true entrepreneur thinks differently than other people. It isn’t the label of being an “entrepreneur” which makes that so but one’s mindset.

Dictionary.com defines an entrepreneur as “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal risks in order to do so.” I define an entrepreneur as “someone who jumps off the cliff and builds their wings on the way down.”

That really embodies how the mindset of an entrepreneur works. When it comes to unexpected times, changes in business structure, and creating a new normal as we are doing now, being able to adapt and pivot is essential – and that is exactly why the franchise space is flourishing in many areas.

The mindset of an entrepreneur always sees the big picture and keeps an eye on the prize, thinking long-term not on just NOW, but on what I call “NOW PLUS.” Business leaders take responsibility for their actions, successes, and wrong turns. They understand that what they do at the moment impacts what they have later. Yes, of course, entrepreneurs have to respond to what is going on in the business climate, but they continuously do so with an eye on prosperity. Entrepreneurs do not turn their backs on reality, but they look for opportunities regardless of the circumstances. As we all know, there’s the familiar argument of whether a glass is half-full or half-empty. It’s really the opportunist that answers this best. Here’s how it goes:

While any situation can be viewed in a positive or negative light, it is how someone acts because of the situation that makes all the difference. Emma R. Dickison, CEO and president of Home Helpers, agrees. “I am often asked, ‘What makes someone a successful entrepreneur?’ To me, it is simple. If you want to be successful, you have to be willing to say ‘yes’, make the hard decisions, and commit. I have always led my companies and my life with one simple mantra – If you want bold change, you have to make bold choices.”

It is critical for an entrepreneur to adapt and pivot while staying focused. I asked Josh Cherry, CEO of Delta Life Fitness, for his tips to success and how he applies having vision for his company. “Setting a vision consists of knowing your company’s core values, your core focus, your purpose, your niche, the goal and the vision. Doing the work to identify these things is what makes adapting and pivoting easy. For example, our purpose is to create positive communities of women. Once our gyms were forced to close, we continued to build positive communities of women, just online for now. Knowing who we serve makes it easy to continue to serve the avatar no matter what is happening in the world.”

In summary, I find that entrepreneurs approach business and life with a fresh perspective. Here are some final thoughts and words to encourage you to stay on this path:

  • Remind yourself every day that you are an entrepreneur – keep your mindset positive and behavior accordingly;
  • Remember your passion. As Simon Sinek, motivational speaker, says, “Remember your WHY”;
  • Take responsibility for your success or struggle;
  • Have a plan – be open to adapting to change;
  • Keep striving for improvement;
  • Think and act boldly.

– Alesia Visconti

Alesia Visconti, CFC, is the CEO/Publisher of Franchise Dictionary Magazine and the CEO of FranServe Inc., the world’s largest franchise consulting and expansion organization. She has 20 years of experience as a C-level executive, driving organizational development and taking companies to the next level. An author, professional speaker, and entrepreneur, her motto in life is “Work hard, play hard, help others, repeat.” A self-proclaimed nerd, Alesia loves all things “superhero.”