HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. — After months of hard work and dedication from our team, Merlin Complete Auto Care is pleased to announce the launch of its new website at www.merlins.com!

Customer experience is something we value at Merlin Complete Auto Care. We want every customer to have a great impression of our brand and walk away knowing they received the best service. With that in mind, we crafted a brand-new website that is easy to navigate and since you can find all the necessary information you need it saves you time.

Our brand transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Getting our customers’ cars to 200,000 miles takes lots of care and commitment — and a little bit of magic. Our brand highlights the moments built from “Merlin Magic,” both with the car owner and the technicians that extend the life of the owner’s car. It is these moments that separate a traditional automotive service experience from a magical one.

Some key features of the new site to note are:

  • Advanced location searching
  • Updated offers by location
  • Robust appointment setting
  • Franchise opportunities

“We are excited to announce the launch of our new website,” said Valerie Zabriskie, Marketing Director at Merlin Complete Auto Care. “Our goal with this new website is to improve the customer’s journey through clear messaging of all our services and new navigation designed for ease of use.”

Merlin Complete Auto Care invites visitors to explore the new website allowing customers to fully see all the services Merlin has to offer.

About Merlin Complete Auto Care:     

With over 4200 centers in North America, Merlin Complete Auto Care is part of the Driven Brands family of companies. We offer a neighborhood approach to automotive service and provide both repair and maintenance services as well as tire services.

For more information, visit www.merlins.com.