Obesity is the No. 1 medical epidemic in world today. Medi-Weightloss has made a dent in this epidemic. In fact, their patients have lost over 6 million pounds nationwide since 2006. By Rose Mango

Obesity is the No. 1 medical epidemic in world today, and Medi-Weightloss® is built to combat obesity. Unfortunately, the U.S. leads the pack in this epidemic, with over 70 percent of America being overweight. That translates to 7 out of 10 people. The numbers are staggering. Obesity is also the culprit behind several diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, and hypertension. Medi-Weightloss has made a dent in this epidemic. In fact, their patients have lost over 6 million pounds nationwide since 2006.

Developed and administered by healthcare experts, the physician-supervised Medi-Weightloss program is evidence-based to result in a successful lifestyle change. When administering the treatment, Medi-Weightloss healthcare providers take each patient’s unique health profile into account, which is what makes them “The One that Works!”

Medi-Weightloss created signature supplements and designed products to enhance the weight-loss treatment, while also assisting patients in reaching and maintaining their weight-loss goals. They formulate their products to result in greater satiety; the low-calorie, high-protein products provide patients with quick, nutritious options that make weight loss simpler. The Medi-Weightloss treatment guidelines are supported by industry-sponsored research and are clinically demonstrated to be nutritious and beneficial for weight loss.

For over 15 years, the Medi-Weightloss franchise has been changing not only the lives of clients but also entrepreneurs who made up their minds to become a member of the business team. Owning a Medi-Weightloss franchise means working to create quality products and services that allow losing weight easily and maintainable and doing business with an ideal cost and profit balance.

When you become a Medi-Weightloss franchisee, not only will be you be changing the lives of others, you will improve your own. That’s because they have a proven business structure that allows you to sustain continuous revenue.

Whether you are an OB/GYN, family practitioner, or are looking to invest in a non-surgical, medical weight management franchise, Medi-Weightloss is a viable option. The weight-loss industry is steadily increasing as Americans become more conscious of their health.

Contact the business development team at businessdevelopment@mediweightloss.com to get investment information, franchise fees, requirements; learn how to start a Medi-Weightloss franchise at mediweightlossfranchising.com.

The Benefits of Owning a Medi-Weightloss franchise:

  • Continuous education programs, on-site training, and eLearning
  • Experienced corporate team, including certified franchise executives, MBAs, MDs, and PhDs in their respective fields
  • Own your own business
  • Access to continuous research and development
  • Earnings from online sales and distributor rights of Signature Supplements and Products
  • Website integrated lead system
  • Complete software package to manage your operations
  • Award-winning research and development team
  • Franchise consultants to analyze key performance indicators and assist in the development of action plans to promote compliance, profitability, and patient retention
  • Access to negotiated pricing on medical supplies through preferred vendors
  • In-house email marketing campaigns
  • Award-winning graphic design team
  • In-house, Google-certified internet marketing offering pay-per-click (PPC) services and more
  • Customizable advertisements for print, TV, radio, and billboards
  • Advertising co-ops
  • Public relations, promotions, and social media support
  • Access to national credentialing and medical billing services
  • Online accounting system, operating procedures, and best practices
  • Ongoing Brand and Patient Satisfaction Surveys to enhance the patient experience

– Rose Mango