In order to have a successful franchise, you must alter your mindset from that of an ordinary employee. Like it or not, you’re the leader now, and your every action must reflect that. Here are a few inspirational quotations on leadership to illustrate this concept.

“You manage THINGS; you lead PEOPLE” — Admiral Grace Murray Hopper

As a regular business manager, you were probably concerned with things like stocking, staffing and profit. As a franchise owner, you have to be concerned about all those things – AND inspiring the people who work for you as well. That’s because everything you say and do reflects on the franchise brand. It’s not about the “things” anymore; it’s about the brand that encompasses many different types of employees and customers.

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality” — Warren Bennis

If you’ve ever managed a business, you know that a certain amount of what you do goes on faith. You have to trust that that the vision you hold for your enterprise can, in fact, be realized. However, franchising makes this much easier. It’s a relatively simple matter to turn your vision into reality when other franchise branches have proven their success in doing it.

If you’re looking for more inspiration regarding franchises, talk to your franchisor. They’re sure to be full of all sorts of ways to get you fired up about your new venture!