Ken Semler, president and CEO of Impresa Modular, answers questions about how he’s taking franchise owners to the forefront of the innovative modular home-building industry. By Rochelle Miller

Ken Semler, president and CEO of Impresa Modular, answers questions about how he’s taking franchise owners to the forefront of the innovative modular home-building industry.

Q: What are modular homes?

A: Modular refers to a construction process, not a type of home. Think of modular construction like the hybrid car of the home-building industry! This construction process starts in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, so the homes can be produced more efficiently than those built onsite. A home is assembled in a quality-controlled, weather-tight environment. The home arrives to the building site up to 85% complete when we deliver it. One big bonus of modular construction is that we can deliver a new, move-in ready home in up to 50% less time than traditional site-built construction.

Q: Why are modular homes so popular right now?

A: Our homes are popular because they save money – and just make sense. They are superior to stick-built homes and cannot be distinguished from their traditionally built counterparts once assembled. Modern modular homes can take on the appearance of a traditional home or can assume the look and style of today’s most contemporary structure. There is practically nothing you cannot do with a modular home!

Q: What sets Impresa Modular apart from competitors in the building sector?

A: First and foremost, our experience is what sets Impresa Modular apart. We are the only nationwide modular builder in the U.S., and hold licenses, registration or certifications in over 40 states. While most builders only rely on the experience they have gained from building in a local area, that’s not Impresa Modular. Our national presence means that we have experience in every region of the country, and have met the very different challenges unique to each region. We have built virtually every type of residential project in all types of environments, from infill homes, rural lot homes and homes on pilings, to homes on mountain tops, high-end custom and vacation homes.

Q: Is prior experience in the construction business required of an Impresa Modular franchise owner?

A: Not at all! With modular, off-site construction processes, a candidate with excellent project management skills and great people skills can be very successful as an Impresa Modular franchise owner. We have identified several personas that we feel are a great fit for becoming an Impresa Modular franchise owner. They span a wide range of entrepreneurial types, from home remodeling and real estate professionals to veterans, designers and subcontractors. It is also interesting to note that one of the fastest-growing segments in construction is women entering the industry.

Q: What personal qualities and characteristics make a great Impresa Modular franchise owner?

A: We seek individuals with a proven track record, not necessarily in home construction or building, but in several core areas. These include strong management experience or a sales background. We value candidates with an entrepreneurial drive, exceptional time-management skills and the ability to multitask. An ideal candidate should be a team leader who is optimistic, ready to learn and have a passion to succeed!

Q: What training and support do you provide to new franchisees?

A: Impresa Modular offers new modular home builders training and support that’s not offered anywhere. Our training and support help flatten the learning curve to help ensure success. Others who try modular construction are faced with many questions from their customers, but soon realize they have no access to resources who understand modular construction or who can support them as they service and support their customers. They won’t find Modular Construction 101 classes. That’s where we come in!

Q: Why is now a great time to invest in an Impresa Modular franchise?

A: Anyone who’s been on a construction site knows that traditional construction methods are inefficient, time-consuming and costly. Impresa Modular franchising offers the opportunity to be on the forefront of this cutting-edge wave in the construction industry. We are delivering better-built homes to happy homeowners while providing a great living space for their families. We offer a one-of-a-kind, clear path into new home construction!

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– Rochelle Miller