As an entrepreneur, Gabriel Holmes was looking for his next opportunity. Given his busy schedule, he was looking for a truly passive investment, one that required no work on his part and could provide an all-cash, residual income. By Mike Grecky

Bitbox ATM

Gabriel Holmes is a 33-year-old software engineer who runs his own consulting business, helping companies with various tasks, such as software testing, mobile app development, and writing code. He is also a real estate investor and an avid cryptocurrency trader. As an entrepreneur, Holmes was looking for his next opportunity. Given his busy schedule, he was looking for a truly passive investment, one that required no work on his part and could provide an all-cash, residual income. While doing an online search, he found the perfect opportunity, with Bitbox ATM.

While purchasing Bitcoin privately on exchanges is difficult and often impossible, consumers can use Bitbox ATMs to convert their cash into Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, with ease. Consumers seek out Bitcoin ATMs in their area to use for this purchase. Bitbox and its franchisees make money off the transaction fees that are charged to consumers who use their Bitbox ATMs. Unlike traditional ATMs, Bitcoin ATM fees are high, in the 10% to 20% range, and machines often transact thousands of dollars every month, creating strong cash returns for the owners of the Bitbox ATMs. Furthermore, the Bitcoin ATM industry, which is in its infancy, is poised for continued strong growth as Bitcoin becomes more of an accepted form of currency. According to, “The Bitcoin ATM industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with six new crypto-ATMs being installed every day, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down either, with expert projections forecasting an annual compound growth rate of 46.61 percent by 2024.”

As a cryptocurrency trader, Holmes has a deeper understanding of the crypto market, but it is important to note that no prior knowledge or experience with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is needed to generate success with the Bitbox ATMs. Why? The reason is simple. Bitbox does the work for you. Bitbox makes this a truly passive investment by providing its franchisees with its “Done for Services.” These services include finding the locations for the Bitbox ATMs, handling the installation and setup of the machines, taking care of all legal and compliance requirements, promoting the locations through their SEO marketing, arranging for an armored truck cash pickup service, and dealing with any service issues that may arise. The brand’s goal is to make things so easy for their franchisees that all they do is monitor their Bitbox ATMs from the comfort of their homes. Using their own Bitbox web-based portal and mobile app, the franchisees can view their profits and transfer any funds as needed. Holmes said the brand “has done exactly what they said they would do,” which has truly made this a passive investment for him. Holmes added that his investment in his Bitbox ATMs “has been much easier than dealing with real estate investments.”

For his initial investment, Holmes purchased two machines in September 2019. He said the machines have performed well for him, processing thousands of transactions, which have grown over time as more and more consumers have become aware of the location of his Bitbox ATMs. The growth in transactions, coupled with having a transaction fee that is near 20%, have Holmes planning to invest in more machines.

Holmes knows that Bitcoin is growing in acceptance throughout the world, making it a more attractive investment over time. He is very pleased with the support he has received from Bitbox. With their “Done for Services” approach, Bitbox ATM has truly created a passive, profitable franchise for Holmes. For those reasons, Holmes says, “I couldn’t be happier with my investment.”

If you would like to learn more about how you can get in on this cutting-edge business opportunity by owning your own Bitbox ATMs, contact Bitbox at 1-877-4BITBOX, or visit their website at

– Mike Grecky